20 Ways to Bake with Booze

With these sweet and boozy creations, you'll never need to choose between dessert and a cocktail again.

Margarita Bars

"I love it when I try something new and it turns out better than I expected. That is the story with these bars."


Sangria Shortcakes

"This is my new way to make shortcakes! I loved the wine berries in the center. So good!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Strawberry Daiquiri Cheesecake Bars

Not only do these creamy cheesecake bars share a name with a cocktail, they also share some special ingredients: rum and triple sec.

Piña Colada Pineapple Cakes

"Making the yellow tiles was quite a meditative process that I enjoyed, and the effect on the finished cakes was great. Everyone thought they looked amazing. The cake was really moist and had a great fruity flavor to it."

-Izy Hossack

Dark Chocolate Red Wine Truffles

"This recipe was really easy to make and created some deliciously rich truffles!"


Decadent Krispies Bar

"The bars were nice and chewy, and the drizzled chocolate on top made them very pretty. I really enjoyed these!"

-LUv 2 BaKE

Champagne Brownies

"This was my first time making brownies and they turned out great! So easy."


Light My Fire Brownie Sundaes

Name a better dynamic duo than chocolate and cherries. We'll wait.

Death by Chocolate Trifle

"This is one of my all time favorite desserts to make. Got it from a Christmas and Holiday cookbook in a box of Kahlua about 19 years ago. I've been making it ever since then."

-Jennifer N.

Blackberry Wine Cake

"This is a wonderful recipe! I have made it several times. I've also made it using strawberry wine and jello. It was just as good, if not better!"


Walnut-Cranberry-Whiskey Tart

Crunchy, sweet and boozy come together to form this easy dessert. It uses pre-made pie crust, so it comes together in a flash.

Grand Marnier Cranberry Sauce

"This was excellent. I am not a huge cranberry fan, nor is most of my family, but this recipe disappeared. Tastes great after a day in the fridge too!"


Baked Margarita Pie

"This is so simple, yet tastes so good. I have made this great pie at least four times since finding it."


Drunken Cherries

"I enjoyed the jar I saved for myself and gave the rest to friends. I used cherry vodka and raspberry liqueur — great!"

-tara portee

Drunken Plantains

"This was a delicious plantain recipe. Loved the whole buttered-rum element with the orange."


Pudding Shots

"Try these with banana pudding and chocolate whipped topping. So delicious!"


Rice Pudding With White Wine

"This is something you would be proud to serve to family and friends. I thought it would be too sweet but it's not. It is just perfect."


Pears in Red Wine

"Loved this. Make sure to use a dark red wine to get the sauce's rich color."


Baked Apples in White Wine

Baked Apples in White Wine "These were very good. I used Braeburn apples and added some minced pecans with the raisins. Very easy and refreshing dessert."


Bacardi Double-Chocolate Rum Cake

"Fancy and delicious. The presentation was great, as were the flavors!"