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This Black Panther Cake Screams "Wakanda Forever"

Join Coco Cake Land and Genius Kitchen as we bake our way through the world of celebrity gossip and social media moguls with #GKCakeLife!

The Best Black Panther Technology... in cake form!

Find Your Muse

Shuri, girl, let us count the ways.

Bake a Purple Cake

Just like T'Challa's iconic suit designed by his brilliant sister, Shuri, your cake should be purple -- because it's already loaded with kinetic energy (read: flavor).

Suit Up

To create the iconic Black Panther mask, you'll need both black cocoa powder and black gel color.

Waiting Game

Just like any great design made with vibranium, this little guy needs to hang out in the fridge before the next step.

Design Your Fondant

Our new design is the best the Wakanda has to offer.

Place Your Fondant

Don't be shy, this step is the most fun.


It wouldn't be the Black Panther without a little frosting fur.... Or are those nanites?


Working in Shuri's lab is hard work, but it's well worth the effort. This is turning out to be a cake fit for a king.

New Tech

Nanites or frosting?

Full coverage

Create an invincible cake.

Add The Ears

It isn't the Black Panther sans ears or heart-shaped herb.

Mimicking Vibranium

Since the idea is 'not to be noticed,' use silver glitter cardstock to recreate T'Challa's necklace.

Put on the Necklace

The whole suit is stored in the necklace, so this isn't a step you'll want to skip.

Technology at its best

Flavorful and bulletproof.

Slice it

One for you, all for me.

Hi, Auntie

Want to replicate Erik Killmonger's iconic suit? Replace all the purple and silver with gold!

Wakanda Forever

Flight for the last slice.