54 Best Thanksgiving Appetizers

In order to properly prepare for the most epic feast of the year, start your meal off with these hearty, and delicious Thanksgiving appetizers sure to impress! Need some last-minute ideas for starters? Check out these three-ingredient appetizer recipes.

Brussels Sprouts Bites

"Shaved Brussels sprouts combined with cheddar and baked into easy bite-sized portions. These are great for a party and super easy to transport!"

-Probably This

Honeyed Blue Cheese Toast

"The tangy taste of the cheese and the sweetness of the honey make for a brilliant combination. Plus they're so easy to make!"


Caramelized Onion-Cranberry Cream Cheese Bites

"Man oh man this is addictive stuff! Loved it and the cranberries make it unique. Our dinner guests gave it a thumbs up too."


Mac & Cheese Bacon Bites

"I would not have thought of this had I not seen this. A great idea & a 'budget-conscious' one thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas buffets ahead."


Pecan-Stuffed Mushrooms

"These are little bites of heaven, and a great dish to prepare ahead of time!"


Amazing Puff Balls

"A great party favorite. Easy to make and comes together fast. So simple yet one of those that your guests ask for the recipe."


Dried Cranberries and Squash

"Delicious! Love the way the cranberries get a caramel flavor to them with broiling."


Feta Veggie Tart

"Light and succulent - these veggie tarts are simple and savory!"

-Probably This

Green Chile Spinach Dip

"Great! I used fresh roasted hatch chilies and added a pinch hot sauce. Really yummy."

-Kate M.

Cranberry Brie Bites

"This will make your party table look very festive. They are easy to make and the brie cheese with the cranberry is a great combination."

-Charlotte J

Turkey and Spinach Bites

What better way to prepare for a thanksgiving meal than beginning with a turkey bite!

Cheesy Stuffing Bites

An innovative twist on a Thanksgiving classic with melty cheese in the middle.

Easy Party Meatballs

"Your guests will flip over these meatballs that are so easy, you'll feel positively guilty for all the compliments you'll get!

-Elle Woods Can Cook

Cranberry Butter

"This is wonderful. Full of flavor! Really much easier than it sounds, and so I will be making this again. Delicious on our waffles."

-Outta Here

Green Bean Salad with Pine Nuts and Feta

"This salad is so easy with a taste that takes you to the hills of the Mediterranean!"

-Ricky Henry - Davies

Traditional Deviled Eggs

"After using many recipes for deviled eggs, this is the most popular with guests and family members! The sugar added to the yolks seems to enhance the flavor."


Grape Jelly Meatballs

"Great appetizer! I've been making these for 25 years. Put them in a slow cooker so they stay warm and everyone can help themselves."


Sausage Pinwheels

"I make these every Christmas and they don't last long. I spread mustard onto the crescent rolls, then the sausage and sprinkle with cheddar cheese before rolling up."


Marinated Artichoke Kebabs

"Bravo for this delicious, easy and impressive recipe! I used the optional parsley and it looked spectacular. This goes into my super-duper party recipe file."


Pumpkin Mixed Greens Salad With Maple Vinaigrette

The perfect autumn salad to be the star of your appetizers!

Blue Cheese Crescent Spirals

"Quick, easy and very tasty. I made them for a Thanskgiving appetizer and everyone loved them. I made these ahead of time, froze them until ready to pop in the oven and baked them the additional 5 min."


Easy 3 Ingredient Nacho Dip

"It doesn't get easier than this. Made as directed in a three quart crockpot for a Thanksgiving appetizer. Half my family are picky eaters and they loved this! Perfect with Fritos and tortilla chips for scooping."


Turkey Pastrami Appetizer

"Very nice and so quick and easy. Everyone seemed to enjoy them. Thanks for sharing this delightful little creation."


Spicy Sausage Balls

"It is so delish. Great as an appetizer, breakfast item, or brunch dish! I also will freeze these in a large ziplock, pulling them out for a breakfast on the go."


Cranberry Couscous Salad

"Fabulous! I have been making it all summer long. Vegans, vegetarians, and everyone else absolutely rave about this."


French Onion Dip

"I have been using this recipe for years and made it this year for Thanksgiving. Everyone enjoyed it and the bowl was gone in no time!"

-Linda's Busy Kitchen

BBQ Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms

"An easy three-ingredient appetizer, but it's oh-so-good! I never seem to be able to stop eating them."


Smoked Salmon Dip

"Our guests ate so much of this delicious dip, we thought they'd be too full to eat dinner! I used a hot smoked salmon filet because I prefer that texture more than lox. I'm making it again for Thanksgiving."


Homemade Boursin Cheese

"Boursin-style cheese can easily be made at home. Not just more economical, but fresher and tastier!"


Stuffed Mushrooms With Cream Cheese & Sausage

"Truly a staple recipe in my house. They're rich, creamy, cheap to make, and low-carb. The only carbs are from the cream cheese and you can adjust accordingly!"


Roast Beef Crackers

"So easy and tasty! I used a creamy horseradish sauce."


Easy Deviled Eggs

"Easy and simple. I use a little sweet relish and garlic powder in the miracle whip top with paprika for color. My family loves these eggs!"


Crab & Cream Cheese Dip

"I have been making this for years using a crab/shrimp combo. It is always very popular. For holidays, I mix thinly sliced green onions into the cream cheese. This is a classic!"

-Michelle S

Bacon-Wrapped Water Chestnuts

"I absolutely love the crunch of the water chestnuts. Every time I bring it to a gathering, this disappears. Always a hit!

-El G

Roast Beef Horseradish Spirals

"All of the flavors are made for each other. Each adding a special layer of flavor and enhancing the next ingredient. The stars of the dish are of course the roast beef and the horseradish. The onions are a surprise flavor too."

-Miss Annie

Chicken Garlic Bites

"The chicken was juicy and had the perfect amount of spice. My husband loved it as well."


Bacon-Tomato Dip

"This was terrific! Bacon makes everything better. The crunch of the green pepper is essential and lends a crispness to the dip."


Swiss Cheese Bacon Smoked Almond Dip

"I made this for our housewarming party and received more compliments on it than anything I have ever made! In fact, my husbands entire family stood around the counter fighting for some and barely had room for dinner. They have asked that I bring it to all family functions."

-Burgy J

Easy Cheese Ball

"It was wonderful. My mom wanted an appetizer today before the Thanksgiving feast and I found everything in my pantry!"


Hot Feta Artichoke Dip

"Great alternative to spinach/artichoke dips. Wonderful flavor!"


Mini Green Bean Casseroles

"These are amazing! Do yourself a favor and make these little "green bean muffins". They are easy, delicious, and are showstoppers."


Brie Bread

"Simple but decadent! Very rich and buttery and I liked the way the brie didn't melt away entirely - there were small chunks here and there which added to the texture and taste."

-Woodland Hues

Cranberry Glazed Meatballs

"This is actually delicious! I made my own vegetarian meatballs and used this as a sauce served with some mashed sweet potatoes and kale. Heavenly. I've already made it twice."


Cheddar Cheese Cookies

"Wonderful little appetizers! Melting the butter and mixing everything together, rather than cutting the butter into the flour, was a change I welcomed. We loved them!"


Thanksgiving Turkey Veggie Tray

"Cute idea. I made a small one with some veggies we had in the fridge. Perfect for a quick and healthy Turkey day app!""


Parsnips With Gorgonzola

"I love both parsnips and gorgonzola so no surprise that I am delighted with this recipe. I would not have thought to pair the two. It was easy and very yummy!"

-K9 Owned

Dried Cranberry Chutney Appetizers

"Made this for my Thanksgiving appetizers today. Will be serving it over cream cheese with crackers. Love the combination of the cranberries and the mango chutney - so flavorful! Can't wait to "wow" my dinner guests."

-Daily Inspiration

Sweet Chicken Bacon Wraps

"Only problem I had is now I've been begged to make them every weekend! They were so tasty and just the right size to snack on through the day. Super tasty and not hard to make at all."


Mini Cheese Pizzas

"These are super little pizzas. Easy, fun and tasty. The kids and adults enjoyed them with homemade sauce and high quality cheese. The biscuits made a nice crust."


Sausage & Cheese Appetizer Balls

"Total hit for any dinner party, appetizer, or game day. These are always a crowd-pleaser. You could even freeze a dozen or so and used them as meatballs in a pinch over pasta or on sandwiches."


Mini Caesar Salad Bites

"These are so good. I had them as an appetizer for my party last week and everyone commented on how cute/unique they were!"


3 Ingredient-Sausage Spread

"I love making appetizers and this one was excellent. So easy and full of flavor. I took this to a BBQ and everyone raved about it. They couldn't believe it was only 3 ingredients!"


Cheesy Creamy Spinach Artichoke Dip

"The title says it all. This is absolutely wonderful cheesy-creamy-spinach-artichoke dip. So easy to prepare and my guests loved it."


BLT Bites

"These are so yummy. Tastes just like a BLT. Great party food!"