37 Best Salmon Recipes

Whether you're looking to jazz things up or keep it classic, we've got our salmon recipes down pat. Check out our round-up of favorite recipes and then get your dinner on.

Garlic Lovin' Salmon

"I love this recipe. I made it for my anniversary dinner and it was a huge hit."


Air Fryer Miso-Glazed Salmon With Brussels Sprouts

"Super tasty recipe and incredibly healthy. It was easy to make too, which is an added bonus!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Perfectly Cooked Salmon With Fruit Slaw

This fresh, unexpected combination elevates salmon.

Salmon with Olive Oil & Herbs

"I really like this simple salmon recipe. It really allows the flavor of the fish to shine through."


Lavender Salmon

"This salmon is glorious. The lavender combines beautifully with the other flavors in the recipe."


Spicy Salmon Poke Taco

“These spicy salmon poke tacos will definitely take your next taco Tuesday tradition to a whole new level! Poke will be the next viral hit in the food industry and these decadent tacos will be the greatest hit!”

-Amy T.

Salmon with Saffron Cream Sauce

"This is a recipe that deserve more than 5 stars. The saffron cream makes it elegant and so tasty."


Irish Whiskey Salmon

"Every flavor has a part in the harmony of this dish."


Creamy Parmesan Salmon Fillet

"This is an awesome recipe. It has been one of my favorites for a long time."


Sesame-Crusted Salmon

"This salmon is so soft and moist, and the sesame-ginger blend is awesome."


Chil-Roasted Salmon

"The marinade on this salmon is spicy and tangy. It's a great way to add flavor to your dinner when you don't have much time."


Potato-Salmon Bake

"Everyone loves this salmon dish. I always go back for seconds."

-Chef "Little Nanuk"

Ginger & Lime-Glazed Salmon

"My family loves ginger, and adores this salmon recipe."

-Lavender Lynn

Salmon with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

"This is a great recipe. The center of the salmon was perfectly tender, and it went great with the tomatoes."


Salmon, Garlic & Caper-Stuffed Tomatoes

"This recipe is really delicious and easy to prepare."


Maple & Chipotle-Glazed Salmon

"This is a great way to make salmon when it's too cold to grill outside."


Borscht Salmon

"This salmon is always a huge hit at my house. I make it all the time."


Slow-Roasted Salmon with Cabbage & Bacon

"This recipe makes a lovely meal. The salmon melt in your mouth."


Salmon in Tomato-Caper Sauce

"This salmon dish has restaurant-quality flavor."


Guacamole & Smoked Salmon Bruschettas

"The spices in this dish meld together in a perfect symphony of flavors."


Grilled Salmon with Lemon & Ginger

"This salmon dish is just wonderful."


Salmon with Mascarpone & Spinach

"I love both salmon and spinach, and this recipe presents them in a wonderful combination."


Ginger Salmon

"The marinade got nice and thick. It made a beautiful glaze on the salmon."


Salmon with Lime Salsa

"This is just an outstanding recipe. The flavors blend together so well."


Pistachio-Crusted Salmon

"This dish is amazing. It's so quick to prepare and so tasty."

-Mia in Germany

Poached Champagne Salmon

"This salmon is beautiful, light and fresh. Plus, the champagne makes it extra special."


Beer & Lime-Marinated Salmon

"This salmon is spectacular! I would give it 10 stars if I could."

-Mama's Kitchen (Hope)

Baklava Salmon

"This is the best salmon I've ever prepared — hands down."


Chipotle Salmon

"Refraining from over eating this salmon is like advising a tornado not to twist."


Salmon Patties

"I'm always on the lookout for a good salmon pattie recipe. These are very tasty and quite easy to make."


Salmon & Cream Cheese Swirls

"I love smoked salmon and cream cheese. They made a lovely brunch treat."

-Baby Kato

Salmon Salad Sandwiches

"This recipe makes for a delicious and satisfying lunch."


Salmon Tikka

"The marinade in this recipe is flavorful and makes the fish nice and moist."


Plank-Grilled Salmon

"This salmon is excellent. I made it as instructed and it turned out perfectly."


Salmon on Fennel Salad

"This dish is perfect for a summer dinner. It's refreshing and tasty."

-Chef floWer

Salmon with Red Pepper Saute

"The salmon cooked perfectly. The topping was sweet and juicy."


Apricot Salmon

"This salmon is perfect for guests and is so easy to prepare."