15 Best Recipes for New Potatoes

Perfectly-textured and rich with flavor, new potatoes are perfect for all preparations—from roasted side dishes to cool, fresh salads. These freshly-harvested baby 'taters have thin skins and flesh that has not yet become starchy, which means they're a bit sweeter and hold their shape once cooked. Whether it's your first time trying them or you're just looking for a great new recipe, you'll find a new favorite way to cook new potatoes here.

Garlic & Parsley New Potatoes

"My family usually only eats mashed or French-fried potatoes. I made this one and they loved it. It was very easy to make and I would make this again."

-Valarie Moody

Smashed Potatoes

"Smashed potatoes might be my favorite way to enjoy potatoes! I normally fry my potatoes after boiling them, but loved baking these. They turned out great! Super crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside."


New Potatoes with Garlic, Mint & Butter

"These were very good potatoes. I used a mix of mint and parsley since my aerogarden didn't have enough mint yet. I especially loved the garlic in these which I allowed to heat up in them a bit at the end to get rid of that raw garlic taste."


Mustard-Crusted Roasted New Potatoes

"One of the few recipes I have made for roasted potatoes that actually came out crisp. My husband and I loved them! I used blue and red new potatoes for a pretty presentation."


New Peas & New Potatoes

"This is similar to the way my grandmother used to make peas and potatoes. I like this version better. Love the creamy texture. I used peas from our garden. Just divine."


Molasses-Glazed New Potatoes with Walnuts

"A very outstanding recipe for jazzing up potatoes! The molasses and vinegar combo adds a lot!"

-Sydney Mike

Dilly New Potatoes

"Excellent, tasty potatoes—and they're quick too! I just used one potato since there are just two of us; it worked out perfectly. We really loved the dill and seasoned salt flavor—a lovely combination."


Lemon & Horseradish New Potatoes

"The lemon horseradish flavors were good but very strong and went well with our chicken dish. I think the potatoes would also go well with a simple fish dish."


Provençal New Potatoes

"These potatoes are fabulous! A nice, simple potato inside, with a burst of flavor on the outside. Quite a tasty addition to my meal!"


Creamy Blue Cheese New Potatoes

"Luxurious and delicious! I agree that these are not an everyday side dish, but they are definitely worth the occasional splurge!"

-Muffin Goddess

New Potatoes with Three-Cheese Fondue

"This cheese sauce is so good. We also dipped bread cubes and lightly-steamed broccoli and cauliflower into the cheese sauce. I took the suggestions of other reviews and roasted the potatoes so they would have a tougher skin and not fall apart on the fondue fork."


Stuffed New Potatoes

"These potatoes are fabulous! My family really enjoyed them. They look fabulous and taste delicious. I took the advice in the description and sprinkled some crisp bacon on top because my family likes this."


New Potatoes With Chipotle Mayonnaise

"What a sensational side dish! This packs some heat. It's nice and spicy, just the way we like it! Every once in a while you get a surprise by tasting the ginger. I served it warm and used the oven method only because I didn't want to start up the grill."


Twice-Baked New Potatoes

"I started preparing a boring ol' meatloaf for dinner then spotted these and just decided to give them a try. So cute and fun. I think I may make a whole batch for our Christmas dinner since they are so easy and delightful."


Slow-Cooker New Potatoes

"This is such a simple and easy way to prepare potatoes. It is especially nice during hot weather, since you don't have to heat up the kitchen—I made them several times this past summer."