45 Best Quiches To Make Any Time of Day

Explore, make and share our favorite quiches, but not just for breakfast. These delicious recipes are great for any time of day.

Farmer's Quiche

"Delicious, and the directions are perfect resulting in a very tasty and nutritious quiche. Perfect for a family supper!"


Vegetable Quiche Cups

"These were really very good, and very easy. You can tweak them any way you want, with whatever you've got on hand!"


Crustless Spinach Quiche

"We thoroughly enjoyed this quiche. I thought the texture was very pleasing, and the spinach and cheese made a nice combination."

-Miss Annie

Quiche Lorraine Cups

"A beautiful display, and also delicious!"


Ham & Cheese Quiche

"This was an outstanding quiche! Very good! A great way to use up leftover Christmas ham!"


Easy Cheesy Spinach and Ham Quiche

"This recipe is the best recipe I have ever reviewed on this site. I followed it exactly, and all I can say is it was awesome. I will now be making this for Thanksgiving, and for Christmas as well!"


Quiche Lorraine

"This is the first time I have ever made quiche. I have loved it for years, but always thought that it was too difficult to make. This recipe has proved to me that is not the case. My mother and I both loved it!"

-Chef Gustival

Crab Quiche

“Amazing! Incredible! Can't say enough! My family and I picked some Maryland blue crabs on Saturday night and I made the quiche this morning. Definitely a keeper.”


Broccoli and Cheese Quiche

“This is very good, and super easy to make. I made it for a dinner guest that’s on the Atkins diet!”

-Barb G.

Conquistador Quiche

"This quiche is not only easy to make, but the taste is divine. I made two for our Christmas luncheon, and several people had seconds! The true testimony is I had no less than six requests for the recipe.”

-Kay Marsh-Wyrick

Tarragon and Thyme Quiche

"This is fantastic! You can make it with regular pie crust also. I use the dry herbs. My husband and I both agree that this is our favorite quiche recipe."

-Dessert Rose

Smoked Salmon Quiche

"Both my husband and I really enjoyed this. I served this with steamed/buttered asparagus, and the combo was great. This is a keeper for sure."

-Cook In Southwest

Spinach and Bacon Quiche

"This is very good. For this pie crust, I omitted sugar and added a 1/2 tsp onion powder and a 1/2 tsp garlic powder. Yum!"


Country Ham Quiche

"Not only is this the easiest quiche; it's crowd-pleasing delicious! I slice the pie and freeze it. This is such a versatile recipe. I love it!"

-Mz j1430

Green Chile and Zucchini Quiche

"This quiche gets it's southwestern flair from monterey jack cheese, and canned chiles!"

Vegetarian Onion and Tomato Quiche

"I've made this quiche twice. It was a hit both times. Once I tried it with 4 eggs, and once with 3 eggs. I preferred the 4 egg version. Both were delish!"

-Diet Cherry Coke

Leek, Ham and Mushroom Quiche

"This quiche was wonderful. It was very quick and easy to make, with great texture and amazing flavors. It was big, tall and filling, full of ham, cheese and lots of vegetables."

-Baby Kato

Crustless Vegetable Quiche

"I love this quiche. There is so much flavor! It's great crustless. I had it for lunch today with a few salads I made. I used a tasty cheese."


Crab Quiche

"I love crab quiche, and this one is the absolute best!"


Rochester Quiche

"This was delicious! This dish was fairly easy, and the taste was worth every minute!"


Spinach Quiche

"I threw in some mushrooms and sauteed them with the onion & celery mixture. It tasted so good! I'd make it again."

-Kathleen Termecz

Spinach Mushroom Quiche

"This was a great weekend breakfast, and the perfect way to use up a few bits of produce."


Mushroom Quiche With Potato Crust

"I loved this! I sprinkled the potatoes with some all purpose seasoning, which was so good! You could certainly skip the crust all together and it would still be fabulous."


Mexican Quiche

“What a great recipe! I love the flavors, how easy it is to put together, and how pretty it looks on the plate!”


Hash Brown Breakfast Quiche

"The best breakfast casserole I have ever made. I think the type of cheese and the cream is what made it stellar!”


Spinach and Feta Cheese Quiche

"Super easy to make, and so delicious! I plan on making this again very soon!"


Crustless tomato Quiche

"This was heaven! Who needs a crust when you can make quiche like this? It was so quick and easy, and made my kitchen smell wonderful!”


Quiche - Master Recipe

"The first bite won me over, and this is indeed a silky, creamy custard."


Chicken and Spinach Quiche

"This is the best quiche recipe I've ever made. I started to leave out the mayo, because I don’t care for it. I’m so glad I used it! The taste is great!”

-Irvine B.

Zucchini Quiche

"It didn't last very long. The family loved it! It was a great way to get them to eat zucchini!”

-Cheryl E

Choose a Flavor Quiche

"I made mini quiches to have as a side with dinner tonight. They smelled so good, I have already eaten two. They are wonderful, tender and light!”

-Baby Kato

Impossible Quiche

"Loved this easy recipe. I'm always lazy about making crusts from scratch, so this solved the problem. I used a combo of broccoli, mushrooms and onions for the filling, and it was delicious!”

-Get Smart

Asparagus Quiche

"A great way to make a different meal out of leftovers, whether it’s breakfast, brunch or supper."


Crustless Quiche Square

"This was so quick and easy! I made it with crumbled bacon, broccoli, and shredded cheese. I will definitely be eating leftovers today. Great texture and very versatile.”


Bisquick Crust Bacon and Cheese Quiche

“I made this fun lunch today. It was super easy to make, and delicious. I added sliced tomatoes to the top during the last 10 minutes of baking. A great brunch option!"

-Laowai wife

Apple Sausage Quiche

"We love this recipe, and prefer the spicy sausage because the apples make it sweet. The combination in flavor is perfect. My husband had never tried Quiche, and he absolutely loves this dish."


Crustless Cheeseburger Quiche

"We thought this was divine! I substituted regular ground sausage, which added a lot of flavor. We all agreed this is a five star recipe!”

-Burned Toast

Crustless Spinach Ricotta Quiche

"Excellent! I nixed the nutmeg and used fresh mushrooms in place of the tomatoes. Would make again!"

-Brooke the Cook in

Hamburger Quiche

"Quick, and easy to assemble. I baked it until the top was nice and brown. Delicious!”


Spinach Quiche With Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil

"Simple and delicious. Printed this out and put it with my quiche recipe collection that I like to have on hand for when relatives stay over."


Quick Quiche Lorraine

"Delicious quiche! I made this a bit "quicker" by using pre-cooked, crumbled bacon. I also added 1/4 teaspoon grated nutmeg, because it is a flavor I like in quiche. A quick, tasty dinner!"

-Outta Here

Spinach Artichoke Quiche

"This quiche recipe is fantastic! Easy to make, and came out delicious."


Mushroom Crust Quiche

"This is delicious! I used some leftover multi-grain snack crackers. The filling was very creamy and flavorful. I will be making this again, and trying some variations!"

-Outta Here

Mini Sausage Quiche Appetizers

"I had great success with this recipe! The crust was fabulous! Very easy to mix up and to handle. It came out with a nice buttery, rich, flaky texture. This will definitely be my go-to recipe!"


Caramelised Onion and Camembert Quiche

"Very good as an appetizer, baked in frozen purchased tart shells!"

-lucy k.