8 Best Marinades & Rubs for Deep-Fried Turkey

Thinking about deep-frying your turkey this year for Thanksgiving? For a perfect bird—or just turkey legs or wings—check out these great marinades, rubs, brines and flavor injections that will take the holiday flavor to the next level.

Fried Turkey Rub with Cajun Injection

"I just used this recipe for the first time with my Thanksgiving turkey in my oilless turkey fryer. I changed absolutely nothing with this recipe and that bad boy was delicious! I was so impressed that I am using it again tonight in my roaster oven on leg quarters."

-Pamela M.

How to Deep-Fry a Turkey

Frying isn’t just for chicken. Jazz up your turkey day with different take on deep-fried deliciousness.

Fried Turkey Brined in Cayenne & Brown Sugar

"We fried a turkey using this recipe for a get together with friends and we had a blast. The turkey came out beautifully and was so moist, juicy and had an awesome flavor! This was easy and perfect. The cayenne and brown sugar were wonderful flavors to blend with the turkey. The cayenne was not spicy at all in the finished product. "

-Mamas Kitchen Hope

Apple & Tea-Brined Deep-Fried Turkey

"Awesome. Our family has deep fried a turkey at Thanksgiving for a few years now and this was the best recipe I have found. The meat was tender and juicy and had a nice apple flavor."

-Isanti Tigress

Kentucky-Fried Turkey

If you've ever wondered whether Colonel Sanders' secret blend of herbs and spices could be used on your Thanksgiving turkey, well here's an extra-crispy recipe for you!

Deep-Fried Cajun Turkey

"We thoroughly enjoyed using this recipe. I failed to use a rub on the skin the day prior, so was desperate to find one that worked on short notice. I used Cajun Shake seasoning and we were very pleased with the results. The turkey was moist and flavorful."


Fried Turkey Wings

"A tasty alternative to chicken wings, and the typical turkey! I wanted to find something different for Thanksgiving... now I've got it!"

-Barb Cotton

Deep-Fried Turkey Injector Marinade

"I have to admit, I was very skeptical about this one. Having fried many turkeys over the years, I've always used a butter based recipe. This OJ-based injection was a huge hit! Very moist with a great, but not overpowering, flavor."