33 of Our Best Granola Recipes

The breakfast treat that never gets old, protein-rich granola is one of our top morning go-to's. Dive into our favorite recipes and start your day the fun way.

French Vanilla Granola

"This vanilla granola is crunchy and delicious."

-Delicious as it Looks

Coconut & Sunflower Seed Granola

"This granola is sweet and full of flavor. I love it."


Baked Honey Granola

"I really like the microwave technique in this recipe. It makes for a quick and easy clean up."

-Japanese Delight

Oatmeal Granola

"This granola smells wonderful while it cooks and even better after it cools off."


Applesauce Granola

"This recipe is genius. The applesauce gives the granola a really nice consistency."


Homemade Granola

"I love that this granola is multi-grain."

-Lisa Clarice

Copycat Costco Granola

"I love how tasty and crunchy this granola always turns out. It's also so easy to make."


Maple Granola

"This delicious granola cereal gets 10-stars all the way."

-French Tart

Almond & Walnut Granola

"This granola has a great blend of flavors."


Chewy Granola Bars

"These granola bars are chewy, moist and flavorful."


Molasses & Peanut Granola

"This granola is definitely gift worthy."

-LUv 2 BaKE

Chocolate & Cherry Granola

"This is the go-to granola recipe I've been looking for."


Weight Watchers Granola

"This granola is great with plain yogurt and a little bit of honey."


No-Bake Granola Bars

"I didn't have a lot of success with no-bake granola bars until I tried this recipe."

-Diana #2

Crunchy Granola

"This granola is so addicting."


Fruity Granola Energy Bars

"I love the flavor of these granola bars. I use them as a pre-workout snack."

-mikey & ev

Mango & Pineapple Granola Bars

"These soft and chewy granola bars are the perfect flavor combination for tropical fruit lovers."


Fruity Granola

"This recipe makes crunchy granola that blends well with fruit and yogurt."


Healthy Granola

"This is the best granola I have ever made!"


Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

"These have a great flavor, especially with vanilla extract instead of maple syrup."


Low-Fat Citrus Granola

"For the dried fruit in this recipe I use cranberries, raisins and goji berries. It's just delicious."


Pumpkin Seed Granola

"This recipe is a nice change of pace from your usual granola."


Chocolate Crunch

"This makes wonderful granola with just a hint of cinnamon and chocolate."


Crunchy Yogurt & Berries

"This is very good granola. The maple syrup adds just a little sweetness to it."


Peanut Butter Granola Bars

"The flavor of the dried cranberries balances well with the heartiness of the oats and peanut butter."

-Ms B.

No-Bake Apple Crisp

"This recipe makes for a very delicious healthy snack. It tastes just like apple crisp."


Strawberry & Cream Cheese Parfait

"This recipe is easy to make and looks lovely."


Green Mountain Granola

"This is a great recipe because it's easy and you can customize it as you wish."

-magpie diner

Yogurt with Granola & Bananas

"I love the combination of the creamy yogurt with the fruity bananas and crunchy granola."


Trail Mix Granola Muffins

"These muffins are moist, flavorful and filling."


Granola Fudge Clusters

"These fudge clusters are so rich and delicious. They make for a great dessert."


Granola Cookies

"I really like that these cookies are spicy and sweet."


Chocolate & Granola Apple Wedges

"These apple wedges are lip-smacking, tongue-tinkling, heart-healthy and just delicious."