20 Best Gnocchi Recipes

You've probably had gnocchi at your favorite Italian joint, but whipping it up at home makes all the difference. Even if you're not making the pasta itself, there are endless ways to customize these pillowy bites to make a dinner the fam will ask for again and again.

Homemade Gnocchi

“I love making pasta, and gnocchi is definitely a comforting favorite. These were simple to prep, and once shaped I kept them in the fridge on a baking tray for a few hours before cooking them for dinner! They held up really well as they sat around and didn’t get sticky.”

-Izy Hossack

Elote Summer Gnocchi

“Store-bought gnocchi that gets revamped with grilled fresh corn and all of your favorite Mexican street corn flavors.”

-Jonathan Melendez

Creamy Ham & Gnocchi Bake

“This dish is the perfect comfort food for a weeknight family dinner, and stores great for leftovers too!”


Chavrie Goat Cheese Gnocchi

“This is a great twist on an Italian classic dish! You must try it. The fresh goat cheese adds a creaminess that is out of this world!”

-Corrinne J

Gnocchi & Wilted Spinach Salad

“While this isn’t the lightest salad, it is the salad that will have everyone asking for seconds and thirds! A double helping of greens counts for something!”


Gnocchi With Sherried Shallots

A creamy and comforting gnocchi dish with sliced shallots, dry sherry and shredded chicken!

Gnocchi & White Bean Skillet

“Simple and satisfying, this gnocchi and white bean skillet makes the perfect dinner for two. Using prepared gnocchi ensures this dish is on the table in 30 minutes.”


Nanna's Gnocchi

"This is the definitive way to make gnocchi. I used to sit on my grandmothers lap while she taught me to roll the dough. This is a learned technique, and the oldest and most recognized method. It makes a wonderful gnocchi!"


Gnocchi With Spicy Tomato & Wine Sauce

“The sauce was wonderful. A great and different way for us to have gnocchi. It’s easy to make and super tasty. This will be made often.”

-Chef Johnsonville

Purple Gnocchi With Shiitake Mushrooms

Everything looks better in purple! A comforting gnocchi dish with a garlicky mushroom sauce to coat and lime wedges for a finishing tang.

Potato Gnocchi in Burnt Butter Sauce

"I was looking for something different to go with roasted chicken and this was perfect! My husband loved it.”


Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup With Spinach Gnocchi

"The addition of an easy spinach gnocchi to this creamy tomato soup is a lovely idea. It looks quite complicated, but the use of instant potatoes makes it much easier. This is restaurant quality for sure!“


Gnocchi With Sage, Mushrooms & Mascarpone

“This was absolutely delicious. I added garlic because we love it in everything. It was very rich and filling. We are most certainly adding this to the regular menu!”


Molten Cheese Gnocchi

“This is a fantastic recipe. The gnocchi was super light, and the directions were clear. These were worth the effort!”


Pan-Fried Lemon-Ricotta Gnocchi

“A delicious gnocchi, easy to make and comes together quickly. The lemon flavor shines through, and I really like the use of ricotta instead of potatoes. This would make an excellent tasting appetizer!”


Easy Potato Gnocchi

“I made this to go with the copycat Olive Garden-style chicken and gnocchi soup and it turned out wonderfully!”


Pesto & Lemon Gnocchi

“This is a family favorite, and my guests have loved it so much that they request it every time! I make pesto ahead of time and freeze it. It makes for a quick and easy meal that everyone loves!”

-Her Momesty

Chicken & Gnocchi Soup

“This soup was amazing! I had two bowls and was stuffed. It tasted like a combination of chicken and dumplings with New England clam chowder, but better! The gnocchi was so fat and tender. I can hardly wait to make it for myself!”


Sweet Potato Gnocchi With Goats Cheese & Wilted Salad

“A great use of leftover mashed sweet potato! It’s light and fresh with lots of flavor.”


Gnocchi Di Susine

“These were great! I was always afraid to try the potato version. It was yummy and not difficult! I baked the potatoes which had an added benefit of making the skin strong enough to be lifted off with a fork immediately!”