26 Favorite Holiday Party Cocktails

Add an extra level of sparkle to your holiday bash with these festive cocktails. All easy to make, these swanky sips will be the highlight of the night.


"Boy is this drink good. I love the addition of the spices and the coconut flavor."



"This is the most beautiful and elegant drink that I serve at my holiday parties. It's also the drink that's consumed the most quickly!"


Cranberry Fizz

"This was amazing! Just perfect for a teetotaler like me! It disappeared really quickly and was so refreshing and tasty."


Eggnog Martini

"While I don't like many alcoholic drinks, this one is very good. I always enjoy it!"

-Petite Mommy

Sidecar Cocktails

"This is me and my husband's favorite cocktail. I would recommend it to anyone!"

-Dreamer in Ontario

Christmastini (Christmas Martini)

"Lovely layers of vanilla vodka, creme de cacao and raspberry — with an optional candy cane stir stick! Perfect for your Christmas celebration."


Hot Cranberry Sangria

"This was a big hit at my Christmas party plus my house smelled terrific!"


Eggnog for Diabetics

Add a spash of rum or enjoy as is.

Maple Mocktail

"Really delicious! I don't drink alcohol, so sometimes over the holidays it can be hard as everyone else seems to have alcohol based cocktails, but now I can have this!"


Cham Cham Champagne Cocktail

"I served these at our New Year's party, and they were a hit! They were much easier to make than anything that involves a shaker!"

-Chef #422062

French Martini

"Ooh la la — this martini was divine. The pineapple and raspberry flavors were heavenly together."


Jolly Cranberry Juice Sangria

"This makes a really refreshing drink that's definitely holiday-worthy. The cranberries looked cute bobbing around."


Kahlua Eggnog

"This was wonderful. I served it in a martini glass with freshly grated nutmeg on top. YUMMY!"

-mary winecoff

Chocolate Peppermint Martini

"Can we say delicious? I even used the cheap stuff I had on hand and it was easily worth five stars. I'll be serving this on Christmas Eve."


Tom & Jerry

"I love this easy but oh-so-delicious cocktail. The rum and brandy add a nice delicate flavor that will warm you right up."


Blushing Cranberry Cider

"This is delicious! The spices make the drink taste and smell wonderful."

-wicked cook 46

Cinnamon Martini

"This drink is very warm and comforting! It is a great winter martini."


Pomegranate Martini

"Just the right combo of sweet and tart. The sugar around the edge of the glass looked like winter frost."

-Chef #764643

Hot Brick Toddy

"This is just what I needed on a cold evening. I never would have thought that butter and whiskey go well together, but they do!"

-Maryland Jim

Chocolate Pear Martini

"The pear comes shining through with just a slight chocolate flavor. With every sip, I fell more in love."

-Michelle S.

Velvet Martini

"Oh wow; this is terrific! I used white chocolate liqueur, and it was just heavenly. Lovely for dessert or anytime."


Coconut Snowball Martini

"Oh wow — this is pure heaven! I made a single serving and rimmed the glass with powdered sugar. Rich, delicious and not too strong."


Irish Cream

"This is fast, easy and delicious! My neighbor couldn't believe that I had made it so fast. I will never buy Irish cream again."


Candy Cane Cocktail

This Christmas version of a frozen grasshopper is sure to leave your guests feeling merry. Don't forget the candy cane stir stick.

Cranberry Margarita

"This recipe really delivered. I rimmed the glasses in burgundy sugar crystals and the drinks looked beautiful!"


Sweet and Sour Apple

"Great recipe! My kids felt like grownups and thoroughly enjoyed their drinks."