26 Best Brunch Recipes with Eggs

From casseroles to muffins to breakfast pizzas, there are so many ways to step up your brunch game with these versatile and delicious egg recipes!

Ricotta, Tomato & Basil Torte

"This torte is as beautiful as it is delicious — and simple to make. It smells divine and irresistible when it comes out of the oven! "


Crispy Colorful Breakfast Potatoes

"This breakfast is a mix of nostalgia and modernity. I’m sure you’ll love this dish and dream up loads of ways to use the harissa as well."

-Dan Churchill

Breakfast Nachos

"This recipe is just plain fun! I cut it down to just one serving, and it made a really nice breakfast."


Vegetable Quiche

"Easy, foolproof, basic quiche recipe. Must include in your recipe files. Great for carb-conscious or gluten-free individuals."

-Garlic Gnome

Magic Crust Blender Quiche

Perfect for leftover vegetables, this magic quiche creates its own crust as it bakes!

Breakfast Pita Pizza

"This is easy to make and very flavorful! The pita makes a perfect crust."


Breakfast Lasagna

Sausage and gravy, layered between soft pasta noodles, makes for a great breakfast bake.

Scrambled Egg Muffins

"These are so good and very handy! This recipe is perfect for that morning commute or those busy weekend mornings."


Quick California-Style Ham & Eggs Benedict

"This was a Sunday brunch treat for us. Gorgeous! I used wholewheat muffins in place of biscuits and did not add the avocado, but did add the arugula which was a great addition.

-French Tart

Breakfast Tater-Tot Casserole

"Tasty breakfast version of the classic hot dish. Great for breakfast or dinner!"

-Chef Matteo Lopez

Smoked Paprika Egg Salad Sandwich

"This is a very sophisticated and tasty egg salad. The addition of several key ingredients take it beyond the usual egg salad!"

-French Tart

Sheet Pan Breakfast Bake

What's better than a bacon, egg and cheese on a bed of potatoes? Only having to do one dish after you eat!

Asparagus Cheddar Quiche

"Great recipe — it fluffed up so pretty and was so creamy. Will be making this a lot!"


Croissant Breakfast Casserole

"This casserole is delicious — simple and easy. I like that it can be prepped the day before and just thrown into the oven in the morning. I would definitely make this for guests!"

-zaar junkie

Poached Eggs & Avocado Toasts

"I think poached eggs on avocado toast might be my new favorite brunch!"


No Brainer Cheese & Egg Souffle

"These are awesome and so easy! I have made several times, and like other reviewers, the additions you can make are endless."


Eggs Benedict

"Delicious! I have never had eggs Benedict before and I'm so glad I gave this a try!"


The Best Toad in the Hole

"Rich salty sausages encased in a light, savory custard-like egg and really delicious! The caramelized onion was perfect and made this a pretty delightful breakfast."

-Lime and Spoon

Copycat Starbucks Bacon & Gruyere Sous Vide Egg Bites

"Ever wonder how Starbucks makes those perfect, tender egg bites? I just happen to know a great, fast way to make them at home. Breakfast is done in a jiffy!"


Bacon & Egg Empanadas

"I was looking for something different for breakfast and this recipe caught my eye... so glad it did! I filled mine with the ingredients listed but also cut some hot breakfast sausage patties into little cubes and put that inside too."

-Shelby Jo

Secretly Delicious Spinach Pie

"I would have never have thought of using a tortilla as a quick recipe for making quiche and it's a lot less calories too!"


Huevos Rancheros Casserole

"This is one of those great breakfast casseroles you can prepare the night before and just pop in the oven the next morning."



"This was a big hit at my house this morning. This is easy to make and quite delicious. By popular demand, I will be making it again this weekend."

-Pesto Lover

Ron's Artichoke & Two Cheese Frittata

"It made the perfect lunch served with salad and also was great the next day! Easy to make and I loved the combination of cheese and artichokes together; This is definitely a winner!"


Fried Egg & Cheese Sandwich

"Terrific Sandwich — we loved the addition of the red pepper flakes along with Thousand Island dressing. It transformed a regular egg and cheese sandwich into something deliciously different!"


Pepperoni Omelet

"The flavor that the pepperoni brings to the dish is outstanding. It blended beautifully with the old cheddar cheese, potatoes, sweet onions and egg. Thanks so much for sharing another great breakfast alternative!"

-Baby Kato