The Top Breakfast Recipes In Every State

Start your day with iconic recipes from Alabama to Wyoming.

Alabama: Pecan Sticky Rolls

"These are so quick to whip up! I loved the cinnamon and sugar sweetness and the nuts were a great addition!"

-Lindas Busy Kitchen

Alaska: Smoked Salmon Pancakes

"These were delicious! So quick and easy, and they made a wonderful Saturday lunch."

-Sara 76

Arizona: Migas

"Delicious, different way to prepare eggs. This was a snap to prepare and tasted great."


Arkansas: Mom's Chocolate Gravy

"Made this for my family this morning. They ABSOLUTELY LOVED it! Brought back memories of Saturday mornings at my mom's house!"


California: Grilled Breakfast Burrito

"I thought this was a great recipe! These were wonderful."

-Young Chef of Arizo

Colorado: Baked Denver Omelet

"This is a great way to make an omelet - worked perfectly. Will definitely make this omelet again - loved the oven method."


Connecticut: Cinnamon Raisin Bread

"This was an easy to follow and delicious recipe for cinnamon bread."


Delaware: Apple Butter

This delicious topping is full of spices and apple goodness.

Florida: Cuban Coffee (Cafecito)

"One really good shot after breakfast and I'm going to be zippy and happy all day long!"


Georgia: Peach Pancakes

"We loved these peach pancakes! A quick easy recipe. We enjoyed the subtle hint of cinnamon."

-Elly in Canada

Hawaii: Hawaiian Holiday Smoothie

"There's not much to be said, other than, 'My little itty bitty taste buds had the biggest party they have ever known.'"

-Andi Longmeadow Farm

Idaho: Huckleberry Coffee Cake

"It's delicious and always gets rave reviews."


Illinois: Potato Apple Cinnamon Fritters

"This is an awesome twist with combining potatoes and apples! YUMMY!"


Indiana: Country Biscuits & Gravy

"5 star rating for the most thorough directions I have ever seen for biscuits and gravy, including alternatives."


Iowa: Remarkable Rhubarb Bites

"Easy to make and absolutely delicious. A perfect combination of moist, sweet and tart tastes. This will certainly be a recipe that we will use often."

-Mike in NC

Kansas: Sausage Breakfast Burritos

"Great breakfast burritos. So simple and so tasty."


Kentucky: Benedictine Sandwiches

"I've made these countless times and they always go over really well."


Louisiana: French Market Beignets

"This recipe is just the one used in New Orleans."


Maine: Blueberry Sour Cream Pancakes

"Don't change a thing! These pancakes are wonderful!"


Maryland: Crab Dutch Baby

This savory baked breakfast uses crab for a perfect special occasion treat.

Massachusetts: Scrambled Eggs With Portuguese Linguica

This scramble uses a popular Portuguese sausage and vegetables.

Michigan: German Baked Oatmeal

"What a delicious morning treat! This puffed up like a soufflé and had the texture of a soft pudding."


Minnesota: Simple Popovers

"These were amazing. I can tell you that this will now be a regular item at my house."


Mississippi: Cinnamon Biscuits

"Simple and delicious - that says it all."


Missouri: Hash Browns Casserole

"So easy and delicious!"


Montana: Cherry Cream Scones

"These are amazingly light and tender scones! The instructions were great, and the tips to produce perfect scones were invaluable."


Nebraska: Corned Beef Hash

A classic breakfast favorite that's always a winner.

Nevada: Special Steak & Eggs

"Great sauce. It's to die for!"


New Hampshire: Baked French Toast Casserole

"I absolutely love this recipe and have been making it for awhile. It is a fabulous recipe - enjoy!"


New Jersey: Egg Muffin Sandwich

"Great breakfast that we have made for many, many years."


New Mexico: Gourmet Huevos Rancheros

"This was so quick and easy! We had a really tasty, filling brunch today, and it turned out pretty enough to cook for guests in the future."


New York: Bagels

"I never thought I could make my own bagels for my family after seeing the complexity of other recipes, but this was wonderful!"


North Carolina: Pretty Grits & Eggs

Pre-bake egg cups and serve with these cheesy grits.

North Dakota: Norwegian Potato & Rye Lefse

"These famous Norwegian Potato Pancakes are more like flatbreads. They are traditionally sprinkled with cinnamon sugar to have with coffee."

-French Tart

Ohio: Goetta

"I grew up on goetta. This recipe is the very best recipe I have found, bar none!"


Oklahoma: Western Skillet Omelet

"Wonderful, colorful and tasty omelet!"


Oregon: Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Frittata

"I am so proud to serve this dish - everyone raves!"


Pennsylvania: Dutch Baby

"Dutch Babies are the best. My mom made them for us, I made them for my kids and now they call me to get the recipe every so often for Sunday brunch."


Rhode Island: Coffee Milk

"This used to be my absolute favorite as a kid! Thanks for taking me back to my childhood!"

-C. Taylor

South Carolina: Big Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich

"Why go to one of those fast food places when you can make something like this at home?"

-Chef shapeweaver

South Dakota: Polish Jam Kolaches

"Easy, delicious and everyone loves them. What else can I say?"

-Maryland Jim

Tennessee: Fried Grit Cakes With Eggs & Tomato Gravy

"Amazing! My husband loved this, and my favorite was the tomato gravy - now I want to put that stuff on everything!"


Texas: Easy Breakfast Tacos

Eggs, bacon and cheese in a tortilla - what else could you need?

Utah: Deep Fried Scones

"Amazing recipe. Light, fluffy, super delicious."


Vermont: Maple Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole

"It was delicious. My friends raved about this. Excellent recipe and super easy to follow."

-Amy M.

Virginia: Country Ham Biscuits

"I used these for a mother's brunch I catered at my daughter's school and there were none left in 20 minutes!"


Washington: Smoked Salmon Scramble

"A delight of a Sunday breakfast!"

-Caroline Cooks

West Virginia: Buckwheat Spice Pancakes

"I love buckwheat pancakes and the added spices in these put them over the top!"

-Outta Here

Wisconsin: Baked Oatmeal

"Absolutely wonderful. Fantastic as a leftover, too!"


Wyoming: Brown Oatmeal Soda Bread

"Perfect brown bread! Tastes just like the real deal."