Summer Barbecue, 33 Ways

Get the smoky, charred, finger-lickin'-good flavor of a summer cookout with or without the grill. Check out these foolproof methods to cook up barbecue every which way.

Grilled Whiskey Baby Back Ribs

"Even my teenagers raved about the sauce. Making this again very soon."


Virginia BBQ Chicken

"This chicken was so easy to make. It turned out juicy with a nice crispy crust."


Grilled Caribbean Chicken

"This is a nice summer recipe. We really enjoyed the cinnamon and lime in the BBQ sauce."


Smoky Okie's Classic Brisket

"I've NEVER been able to cook a brisket worth eating until now. This was fantastic — juicy and fall-apart tender."

-Chef #837317

Low & Slow Pork Butt BBQ

"This was delicious! I followed the recipe exactly, but added the potatoes another reviewer recommended. Everything was perfect. Even my kids loved it!"

-Pollie F.

Pan-Grilled Salmon

"This is like a gourmet recipe! What a delicious blend of flavors. This is five-star-restaurant quality."

-Papa D 1946-2012

Grilled Lamb Chops

"This was so juicy, tender and flavorful. I tossed the lamb on the grill for 5-minutes and it was perfect."


Honey Barbecue Chicken Wings

"I absolutely love this recipe. I have used this sauce on boneless chicken, pork chops, and ribs. I can't get enough!"


BBQ Hamburger Patties

"This recipe was very tasty. We will be having these burgers again, and again."


Finger-Lickin'-Good BBQ Sauce

"This is so flavorful! Easy to make and sure smells good simmering. It is an excellent combination of ingredients: spicy, tangy, just a tiny hint of sweet... just the way I like it!"


BBQ Salmon

"This salmon looks like it's a lot more hassle to make than it really is. My husband completely approved."


Should-Be-Illegal Oven BBQ Ribs

"So good! These were sweet, spicy and fall-off-the-bone tender. This is my new go-to rib recipe."


Carolina Smoked Pulled Pork

"I need more stars for this recipe — 10 at least! Wow, is this sauce a winner."

-Caroline Cooks

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

"If you think this chicken is good in the oven, try a slow cooker. It'll blow your mind."

-Cameron J.

Shredded Beef BBQ

"My family gave this recipe 2-thumbs up. We will definitely be making it again."


Baby Back Ribs

"This recipe is the way to go for tender baby backs. So easy and flavorful!"


Slow-Cooker Country Pork Ribs

"This recipe was easy and delicious. I served it over some steamed rice. It was even better the next day!"


Baked BBQ Shrimp

"What an easy and wonderful way to make shrimp. I loved the spiciness!"

-Shannon Cooks

Slow-Cooker Beef Short Ribs

"I've made this about six times now — it's a favorite! Sometimes I like to use ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce instead of Worcestershire for an Asian flavor."

-Kimber M.

3-Step Oven Ribs

"Mmm! Our ribs were so tender, and the meat fell right off the bones."


Slow-Cooker Chicken Barbecue

"This recipe is perfect. The sweet tangy flavor just bursts in your mouth."

-Queen Puff

Honey BBQ Chicken Strips

"This recipe is a definite winner. My kids and husband really enjoyed it."


Honey-BBQ Meatloaf

"This meatloaf was outstanding. It was very moist but didn't fall apart when I sliced it."


Oven Baked BBQ Ribs

"The tart, sweetness from the orange juice along with the smoky BBQ sauce was a match made in heaven! So juicy and tender and the meat fell right off the bone, amazing!"


Spicy BBQ Chicken Pizza

"The spicy chili sauce really makes this pizza pop. We made it the other night and everyone absolutely loved it."


Rotisserie BBQ Cornish Game Hens

"Basting the birds makes them moist and flavorful. Adding apple juice to the mop sauce is a great addition — it adds sweetness to the meat."

-Witch Doctor

Oven BBQ Chicken

"We all loved this finger-lickin' chicken. The celery salt had loads of flavor and really did the sauce justice."


Smoked Beef Short Ribs

"We liked this a lot. I especially love vinegar-based sauces, and this delivered."


Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork

"This is easily my favorite way to make pulled pork. After shredding the meat and draining the extra juice, I put the meat back in, add the barbecue sauce, and cook it for another hour. Delicious!"


Smoked Tri-Tip

"Yum, yum and double yum! Our roast was less than 4 pounds, so it cooked much faster — something to bear in mind. It was wonderful."


Memphis BBQ Nachos

"We had some leftover pulled pork so I used it to make these nachos. They were really simple and good."


BBQ Beef & Onions

"This BBQ recipe is great. If you slice the meat while it's still slightly frozen, it's much easier to cut."


Bonus: BBQ Bacon & Banana Rolls

"Everyone looked at me sideways when I brought these out for some guests. All their quizzical looks disappeared quickly once they gave them a try."