Banana Bread Houses: A New Holiday Tradition Inspired by Our Top Recipe

Gingerbread houses are all about shoddy math, crunchy edges and messy fingers. Meanwhile, banana bread houses boast a delicate crumb, cream cheese frosting, math-free assembly and artistic freedom. Did we mention they taste better too?

Banana (Ginger) Bread Houses

Here's how to upgrade a holiday tradition with our most-popular recipe ever (plus a handful of festive spices).

Welcome to my crib

Banana bread, meet gingerbread!

Mise en Place

Start with brown, over-ripe bananas and a mix of holiday spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, clove and black pepper.

dry ingredients + ginger

Because it isn't the holidays without a classic warming spice mix, this banana bread plays up those flavors while staying lovably humble.

Butter, Baby

Next up? Cream your butter and add your favorite vanilla.

It's Banana Bread after all

Don't forget the mashed bananas, the most important part of this dense, delicate, delicious loaf.

Loaf Pan City

Use three 8-inch loaf pans. We like disposable (because easy clean-up) but use whatever loaf pans you have on hand.

One Good Serrated Knife & a little Imagination

That bread knife hanging out in your knife block just got a second life. Serrated knives are perfect for slicing and shaping banana bread with minimal crumbs.

Make Your Village

You can go with three classic homes, or you can think outside of the loaf pan!

Candy, Candy, Candy!

Pull together a selection of your favorite candy. This is also a great time to set aside a few small bowls of frosting to dye them each a different color.

Make it a Party

Invite your crew over and give everyone their own banana bread house to assemble and decorate.

Everyone will want a slice

Unlike a gingerbread house, this moist mansion will get gobbled up in no time.

Which House is Your Favorite?

How about this tall Dr. Seuss-inspired number?

Perhaps Palm Springs?

A classic bungalow provides lots of space for sweet accessories.

Share Your Creation

Whichever house you end up making, we want to see it! Be sure to tag #GeniusKitchen on Instagram so we can celebrate and share your creations.