Brighten Up the End of Summer with This Floral Rainbow Cake

Join Coco Cake Land and as we bake our way through the world of celebrity gossip and social media moguls!

A summer cake to Remember

Summer's nearly over, but that doesn't mean the fun has to be. This vibrant cake, with its rainbow layers and floral frosting, will bring the summer into September.

Stack That

Build up your inner rainbow by layering brightly-colored cakes with white buttercream.

Dress It in White

They say you should only wear it before Labor Day, but a crumb coat of white buttercream makes it easier to add fanciful flowers year round.

Choose your palette...

Divide the remaining buttercream into five or six bowls, depending on what shades you want for your rainbow flowers.

and Channel your inner artist

Using a different piping tip for each color, dot the buttercream across the entire surface of the cake to give it a variety of textures.

Cover the canvas

When you're finished, your cake should be completely frosted with a variety of flowers, letting your summer garden live on.

Any Way You Slice It

Pro Tip: For a sharp, clean cut, chill your cake for 10 minutes in the freezer before slicing!