A Better Burger: 21 Secret-Ingredient Upgrades

In a bit of a burger rut? From barbecue potato chips to crunchy peanut butter, take your typical burger on a wild ride with these unexpected ingredients.

Chorizo Burger

Spicy chorizo sausage and ground sirloin combine to create the ultimate meat lover's burger. The decadence continues with Manchego cheese and caramelized onions for toppings.

Jalapeño Popper Cheeseburgers

This epic mashup stuffs the creamy, spicy flavors of a jalapeño popper into a burger.

Saucy Hamburgers

Go beyond ketchup and get saucy with these richly flavored burgers. We recommend using hearty buns (like brioche) to soak up all that juicy goodness.

Homemade Hamburgers

No need to fuss with serving up fries on the side of this moist burger — a potato is already in the mix, making this burger a one-dish meal!

Spicy Burger

If you're a Frank's Red-Hot sauce fanatic like us, you'll fall in love with the telltale tangy flavor of this burger. For those who are unfamiliar with Frank's zingy sauce, as long as you love chicken wings, you'll adore this burger too!

Stuffed Pizza Burgers

Melted cheese and marinara sauce transform your average burger into a meaty pizza pie between two buns.

Caribbean Burger with Pineapple Sauce

Slathered with homemade jerk sauce and topped with mango slices, this island-inspired burger is almost better than the beach.

Barbecue Burgers

It's not just barbecue sauce that gives this burger a zesty kick — it also has a satisfying crunch thanks to crushed-up barbecue potato chips.

Avocado Beef Burgers

This sandwich is no dainty toast. It's an avocado-stuffed behemoth that just happens to be one of the juiciest, most awesome burgers we've ever tasted.

Ham & Cheese Burger

Roll up ham and cheese, fry it and stuff it inside this burger. The result? A savory burger with some attitude.

Burgundy (Wine) Burgers

Vinos rejoice — this boozy burger gets it's kicked-up flavor from red wine.

Herb-Garlic Butter Hamburgers

You can't go wrong with a little melted butter in every bite — especially when fresh herbs are added to the mix.

Jalapeno-Stuffed Hamburgers

Like jalapeno poppers? Also a burger fan? The lava-hot combo of cream cheese plus diced jalapenos hiding in the middle of these picante burgers lets you have two favorites in one.

Soup Mix Burgers

Forgo your usual condiments and drench these beefy, onion-laced burgers in gravy. Trust us: You won't regret it.

Love-Me-Tender Nut Burgers

Everyone will rave about how moist this burger is, but they'll never guess that it's peanut butter doing the magic. Don't fess up right away — have fun by making them guess the secret ingredient.

Horseradish-Stuffed Burgers

"Superb! The flavors all complement each other nicely with none overpowering the other."


Teriyaki Burgers

The teriyaki sauce lends a nice tang, and the shredded carrots make these patties extra moist, but the real surprise here is the addition of french-fried onions.

Juicy Hamburgers

Not only does ice water(!) make these burgers ultra-juicy, but because you add the salt and pepper to the water, the burgers are perfectly seasoned all the way through. No bland pockets of meat here.

Platte County Fair Kraut Burgers

Stuffing vinegar-rich sauerkraut inside a burger is a pretty genius idea. This burger is moist, tangy and will convert even the most-hardcore kraut haters.

Burger Sauce

"I used this sauce as a dip for french fries tonight and will use it again on grilled hamburgers tomorrow. The flavor was outstanding!"


Mexican Hamburgers

Taco seasoning and diced chile peppers take this burger from "ho-hum" to "oh-yum!" Like it extra spicy? Add more chiles.