16 Five-Ingredient Lunches

Figuring out breakfast and dinner is hard enough. When it comes to lunch, let's make it easy. These clever noon-hour recipes help you do just that.

Classic BLT Sandwich

"My family loves BLTs, and this is exactly how we make them. We all enjoy these!"


Pizza Muffins

"These are very easy but so good. I have made them several times now for lunch, and I love them!"

-Marg (CaymanDesigns)

Spinach Salad

"This is unquestionably the best spinach salad I've ever had! It can make a full meal by itself."


Healthy Egg Salad Sandwich

"We enjoyed this sandwich, next time I'll try toasting the bread."


Buffalo Chicken Wrap

"I love Buffalo chicken wings, and this is a fun take on that idea. The hot sauce mayo was perfect!"

-Chicagoland Chef du Jour

Grilled Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

"I was a little concerned about warm peanut butter, but I love peanut sauces on lots of things! This was very simple, ooey gooey and great."


Italian Saucy Sausage Sub

"This is a wonderfully simple, very tasty sandwich. It's messy but so worth the effort!"


Quick and Delicious Goat Cheese Salad

"This was quick, easy and delicious — a yummy recipe that even my boys enjoyed!"

-Julie Tremmel

Cheater's Chicken Noodle Soup

"This soup was so yummy and easy to make! It made for a quick and easy weeknight meal."

-Troop Angel

Ham & Egg Salad with Crackers

"This is delicious! I love egg salad, and the ham really adds a whole new dimension."


Ground Chicken Ranch Burger

"What a gem of a recipe this is! The ranch dressing gives loads of flavor to the chicken."


Hummus Vegetable Sandwich

"I made this for my vegetarian daughter to take in her lunch, but figured I would make one for myself today. It was fabulous!"

-Julie F

Grilled Tuna & Cheese Sandwich

"This is easy and healthy. I have three teen boys, and this recipe is going to be used a lot in my household!"


Mushroom Quesadilla

"This was so simple and so delicious! I loved the sauteed mushrooms with the garlic."


Fenway Franks

"What a classic way of making a hot dog — so simple and tasty!"


Apple-Cheddar Panini

"This was nice and tasty! I have tried cheese and apples before, but never in a grilled sandwich."