30 Sandwiches From Around the World

France: Croque Monsieur

"This was a delicious and filling sandwich. The ham and gruyere go so well together."


Cuba: Grilled Midnight Sandwich

"These were delicious and easy to make with my panini press. I used salami, turkey and ham."

-DonnaColorado Johnson

Cyprus: Halloumi Sandwich

"This was an excellent combination of textures and flavors. The tomatoes and saut�ed onions were wonderful with the fried halloumi."


Denmark: Onion and Herring Smorrebrod

"I really enjoyed this. I used fresh tomato slices and rye bread, and it turned out great."

-Northwest Gal

France: Tuna Provencale

"I loved the flavors from the olives, olive oil, and tuna. This makes for a great lunch."


Spain: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

"My favorite thing about these sandwiches is the sweet and salty combination from the prosciuttio and dates."


Australia: Vegemite Triple Decker Sandwich

"This is a great lunchbox sandwich. The vegemite isn�t too salty or overpowering."


England: Cheddar and Chutney Pub Lunch

"This tastes great with any chutney flavor—mango, apple, or cranberry. It adds a nice touch with the cheese."

-Pesto lover

Turkey: Chicken Doner

"I�ve hankered for a sandwich like this since I left Turkey, and this recipe was excellent. It transported me right back."

-French Tart

Vietnam: Grilled Chicken Banh Mii

"The marinade makes this sandwich taste excellent. The crunch of the pickled vegetables added a nice touch."


Germany: Hamburg Open Sandwich

"The creamy sauce really makes the sandwich. It�s a great combination of flavors."

-Caroline Cooks

England: Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

"This is a simple but delicious veggie sandwich. I spread cream cheese on both halves so it would stick together."


India: Chicken Naan Sandwich

"This is such a delicious sandwich. The naan, lightly cooked in garlic oil, was a huge hit."


England: Bacon Butty Sandwich

"I love how simple this sandwich is. I recommend using extra thick and crispy bacon."


Jamaica: Copycat Whole Foods Jerk Chicken Wrap

"This is a great lunch idea. The mango chutney adds a sweet touch."


Lebanon: Chicken Shawarma

"This is a quick and easy recipe. I served with tzatiki instead of garlic sauce."

-Mary Winecoff

Germany: Ham, Cheese, and Sauerkraut Sandwich

"The crunch of this sandwich is so good. I liked the taste of the caraway seed."


Greece: Lamb Kebob Pitas

"This was excellent and I loved the blend of spices. The tzatiki sauce was like a slice of heaven."


Germany: Toast Hawaii

"This is a universal staple in Germany. I like to add a bit of yellow mustard to give it an extra zing."


Italy: Prosciutto Baguette Sandwich

"This is so sample and tastes great. The fresher the mozzarella, the better."

-Japanese Delight

Netherlands: Grilled Ham and Gouda Sandwich

"I loved the flavor of gouda cheese mixed with smoked ham. I think the pumpernickel bread is a must."


Mexico: Mexican Torta

"I loved this sandwich. The spicy chipotle was perfect with the marinated chicken breast."


Sweden: Sandwich Torte

"This made for a very filling and tasty lunch. The lemon juice adds a great touch."


Argentina: Buenos Aires Press Sandwich

"This was a great sandwich. I�ll take any excuse to cook with brie."

-Vicki in CT

United States: Spam Spread Sandwich

"I used a food processor to combine everything into a paste. It�s a great sandwich spread recipe."

-Mike Pellerin

Venezuela: Arepas

"This is a great idea for a breakfast sandwich. I love cooking with cornmeal."


Israel: Falafel

"This is an excellent falafel recipe with a tasty blend of spices. It makes a great sandwich."


United States: Reuben Sandwich

"This is a great take on the traditional deli sandwich. I made mine in a panini maker and will definitely make it again."

-Nancy�s Pastry

India: Green Chutney Sandwiches

"This is one of the best sandwiches I�ve ever tasted. I love the addition of the chat masala."


Poland: Grilled Kielbasa Sandwich

"The honey mustard really makes this sandwich over the top. I liked it with the toasted onion rolls."

-Kitchen Witch Steph