21 Ways to Cook with Soda

Fizzy drinks add both flavor and the right consistency to these delicious, down-home BBQ sauces, marinades, baked goods and more.

Cola Burgers

"We loved the slightly sweet flavor from the cola! These burgers are moist — definitely get a good crust on them before you flip them."


Ginger Ale Baked Ham

"Not sure if it was the ham, cooking it in a slow cooker, or the ginger ale, but this was the BEST holiday ham we have ever had!"


Shrimp in Cola-Chipotle Sauce

"This is quick to prepare if you use pre-peeled shrimp. The cola adds flavor and a touch of sweetness, and the sauce is good over rice."


Copycat Sprite Biscuits

"I loved these homemade biscuits. They were so easy to make. My husband and I ate every single one."


Cola Roast

"This easy dish makes its own gravy while it cooks. Although it sounds like an odd combination, it is truly delicious."


Root Beer Float Cookies

"I knew these would be a hit with the kids, but the adults loved them just as much, if not more. They're easy and delicious — what more could you want?"

-Chef MB

Mountain Dew Steak Kabobs

"These kebabs were gorgeous and delicious — we loved the fresh pineapple and tomatoes. We made them using Sprite and beef."


Sizzle-Frosted Red Velvet Cupcakes

"After experimenting with red velvet cake recipes, I found most a bit dry. I adapted a recipe until it was super-moist — it's a hit every time I make it."


Coca-Cola Pork Chops

"These pork chops were the bomb! The meat was moist and tender, with a delicious, sweet sauce."

-Baby Kato

Coca Cola Funnel Cake

We've turned this classic funnel cake into a towering root beer float-inspired ice cream sandwich.

Coca-Cola Cake

"I finally just adapted a recipe because I couldn't find one like Cracker Barrel's! It's amazing served warm with ice cream, and it's even better the next day."


Sprite Chicken Breasts

"So many teriyaki chicken recipes are overpowering — but not this one! I was surprised at how moist and tender the chicken turned out."

-Claudia Dawn

Ham BBQ-Cola Sandwiches

"This is terrific ham BBQ! Stir the ham into the sauce one slice at a time so it's well-coated and all that salty goodness cooks into the sauce."


Mountain Dew Cupcakes

"These cupcakes taste great and were really easy to make. I can't wait to share them and will definitely make these again."


Cream Soda Pancakes

"The soda gave these a very nice flavor. I used a French crepe mix, which worked really well."

-French Tart

Lemon Lover's Pop Cake

"This is the kind of cake you need to know about when events call for 'taking a dish.' It's quick and easy — and, more importantly, good!"

-Beach Tia

Root Beer BBQ Sauce

"I baked my chicken pieces in this sauce after browning them. For thicker sauce, add water mixed with cornstarch toward the end, and simmer."


Dr. Pepper Ribs

"I've been searching for the ultimate barbecue rib recipe, and this is it! My family did a taste test and this was the undisputed winner."


Ginger Ale Ham

"This marinade definitely eliminated the usual saltiness, and gave my grilled ham slices a wonderful flavor."


Coca-Cola Banana Bread

"This is very good, and quick to make. Baking it at such a low temperature made it a beautiful golden brown."

-Lavender Lynn

Root Beer Pulled Pork

"My family enjoyed this different take on pulled pork! The root beer really adds a nice flavor."