20 Sandwiches Made With Thanksgiving Leftovers

Carbivores rejoiced when the hit show Friends dedicated an entire episode to the infamous sandwich: The Moist Maker. Pay homage to that iconic sammy by re-purposing your leftovers into one of these top 20 picks.

Turkey Panini With Cranberry Dressing

"This is such a fun and delicious way to re-visit your Thanksgiving dinner."


Club Panini

"I loved the combo of mayo mustard and herb on this delicious sammy."

-Pastry Lovin'

Thanksgiving Leftover Extraordinaire!

"What's not to love about a giant steaming pile of Thanksgiving leftovers between two crusty pieces of bread?"


Turkey, Cheddar & Cranberry Sandwich

"This sandwich is a great way to use up some Thanksgiving leftovers. It is delicious on grilled sourdough bread or a croissant."


Turkey Pita Sandwich

"I used leftovers to make this sandwich. The flavors of the turkey blended really nicely with the other ingredients."


Turkey Barbecue Sandwich

"The leftover turkey makes this delicious sandwich so easy to make. It reminds me of a sloppy Joe."

-Lorraine of AZ

Turkey, Cranberry & Pesto Sandwich

"We really loved these sandwiches. They were so unique, we'll definitely be making them again."


Cranberry & Herb Turkey Burgers

"This is a superb burger. I loved the flavor of the thyme along with the cranberries."


Cranberry Turkey Wraps

"That is one delicious wrap. I loved the mix of dried cranberries with the apple and turkey."


Turkey & Provolone Sandwich

"I never thought that turkey and basil would go well together, but I really enjoyed all of the flavors."

-Chef floWer

Turkey & Cranberry Panini

"This is a great way to use up some Thanksgiving leftovers that doesn't involve a casserole. They have a great combination of flavors."


Roasted Veggie Sandwich with Brie Cheese

"This is one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. The smooth, creamy brie went with the veggies beautifully."

-echo echo

Turkey Waldorf Sandwich

"This sandwich was spectacular. It was nice and crunchy, and the subtle flavor of the turkey really allowed the apple to stand out."


Cranberry Tuna Salad Sandwich

"This recipe deserves more than five stars. It's hands down the best tuna salad sandwich I've ever tried."


Turkey Salad Pitas

"I liked how the dressing for the salad was a bit healthier thanks to the yogurt and light mayo."


Turkey & Cranberry Sandwiches

"What a terrific sandwich. Turkey and cranberry always go well together, but this recipe takes the combination to another level."

-I'd rather be on a road trip!

Turkey Burger with Cranberry Mayo

"This is a great way to use up your leftover Thanksgiving stuffing. The cranberry mayo really makes the burger."

-Lindsey at Food.com

Turkey Sandwich with Low-Fat Cranberry Aioli

"This is a very delicious sandwich. The lettuce gives it a great crunch and the rosemary in the aioli adds a lovely floral flavor."

-Chef floWer

Day After Turkey Sandwich

"Who knew leftovers could be so good? I was skeptical about the cranberry sauce, but it was delicious."

-Lucky Clover

Turkey Apple Burgers

"This is a great, versatile recipe. The apples and veggies in the mix keep it very moist."