19 Ways to Cook with Foil

Whether you're using your oven or your grill, mealtime's all wrapped up with these handy foil ideas for meat, fish, veggies - even desserts.

Greek Grilled Fish

"I used salmon and cooked mine on the indoor grill. It made for a delightful, quick dinner."


Packet Potatoes

"I loved how easy and convenient this side dish was. The potatoes actually browned up a bit, which I also love!"


Grilled Scallops & Mushrooms

"5 stars all the way! I prepared individual packages and popped them in the oven for 20 minutes before serving."


BBQ Grilled Kielbasa Dinner

"Wow, this was good — and a welcome change from our ordinary fare. What an aroma when you open that packet."


Tilapia with Lemon, Rosemary & Tomato

"This was delicious, with a sophisticated taste from the rosemary. The foil kept the fish nice and moist."


Chicken Parmesan

"This was great! I assembled it earlier today and then just threw it on the grill for 20 minutes. It was cooked perfectly."


Grilled Cabbage

"This is wonderful as a side dish with grilled steak or chicken and potatoes. I'll be making this a lot!"


Campfire Cones

"These were great and very indulgent! The kids thought these were neat-o and as someone who usually skips dessert, i couldn't resist and dug into one too!"

-Liza at Food.com

Grilled "Baked" Potatoes

"What a great way to make baked potatoes without heating up the kitchen in the summer!"

-Marg CaymanDesigns

Butternut Squash with Brown Onions

"I loved this — and it's so easy, too. It was a wonderful addition to the salmon we also had."

-Andi of Longmeadow Farm

Baby Back Ribs

"We used a broiler rather than a grill, but what came out was a mess of flavorful ribs that were tender and delicious."

-Lavender Lynn

Easy Broccoli

"I used regular Italian dressing and grilled the broccoli for about 15 minutes. It came out quite tasty and was extremely easy."


Dulce de Leche

"This recipe is excellent. The consistency was smooth and creamy, and the taste was absolutely delicious."

-A.B. Hall

Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Chicken

"This is great chicken! I used chicken quarters and cooked mine in the oven."


Best Barbecued-Pork Sandwiches

"We enjoyed this sauce. I used a 5-pound Boston butt and am looking forward to the leftovers."


Cajun Onions

"I made these with large sweet onions using the cast-iron skillet, and they were GREAT! They're perfect with steak, pork chops or chicken."


Spicy Chicken in Foil

"This is a fast, tasty and easy dish to bake in the oven, but also a great recipe to try over the coals when you're camping."


Roasted Corn with Oregano

"I loved this! The corn was juicy and flavorful. I loved the easy cleanup too."

-Mama's Kitchen (Hope)

Taco Salad Bowls

"These are way better than store-bought tortilla bowls. Although they are baked, they still come out crispy and absolutely delicious."

-Chef #1420578