Pumpkin Soup, 15 Ways

Nothing warms the soul on a chilly autumn evening more than a steaming bowl of creamy soup. We've put together 15 of our best pumpkin picks to keep you cozy all season long.

Fresh Pumpkin Soup

"This is such a great pumpkin soup recipe. I love the sweetness from the apple."

-A Good Thing

Indian Style Pumpkin Soup

"I just loved this pumpkin soup. It has a great kick from the korma paste."


Greek Pumpkin Soup

"This is an easy and delicious take on pumpkin soup."


Asian Pumpkin Soup

"This soup should be called 'Heaven in a bowl.'"


Basic Pumpkin Soup

"This is a gorgeous soup. I like serving it with a little sprinkle of cheese."


Creamy Pumpkin Soup

"This soup is like a warm hug on a cold winter day."


Roasted Pumpkin Soup

"The roasted pumpkin and garlic adds depth and flavor to this soup."


Curried Pumpkin Soup

"This is one of my favorite soup recipes. It is the most comforting soup during the winter."


White Bean Pumpkin Soup

"I absolutely love this pumpkin soup recipe."


Black Bean Pumpkin Soup

"This pumpkin soup is delicious and comforting on a cold autumn evening."


Curried Pumpkin and Bacon Soup

"This soup recipe is definitely a winner. It could not have been easier or tastier."

-A Good Thing

Pumpkin and Tomato Soup

"This is a wonderfully simple and tasty pumpkin soup recipe!"

-Stephy Turner

Traditional Senegalese Soup

"This soup was wonderful and smelled incredible while it was simmering."


Thai Peanut Pumpkin Soup

"I have been making this pumpkin soup for five years now. Everyone I have introduced it to loves it."


Pumpkin Satay

"I think I will definitely try this recipe again. I liked all of the different flavors."

-- Carla -