15 Must-Try Tropical Cocktails

Miami knows how to keep things caliente - but also how to cool it off quickly. From mojitos to sangria, these fruity Cuban-inspired drink recipes will have you South Beach-bound in a sip.

Mojito Del Sol

"With the help of this recipe, I believe I managed to make an even better mojito than what I'd get at a bar."

-Aunt Cookie

Tropical Tease

The refreshing melon, banana and pineapple flavors in this tasty tropical cocktail are sure to tease your taste buds.

Lava Flow

Drift into a state of tropical bliss with this fruity, frozen cocktail made with pineapple juice and fresh strawberries.

Miami Beach

"This definitely packs a punch! The pineapple juice is a nice match for the gin."

-pattikay in L.A.

Miami Beach Iced Tea

"Tastes great and the color is just like the waters in South Beach!"


Mango Colada

"This cocktail was awesome! I'd give it an infinity of stars if I could."

-Sue Lau

Sunset Beach

"This was a very tasty and smooth cocktail, and the perfect way to relax after such a scorching hot day."


Eye of the Hurricane

A refreshing blend of lime, passion fruit and club soda, this drink is delicious on its own or spiked with spiced dark rum.

Havana Beach

"Very potent and a little on the tart side. Sipping on this felt like a little vacation!"


Strawberry Daiquiri

"I really needed a delicious adult beverage after my crazy week, and this fit the bill."


Tequila Sunrise Ice Pops

"Besdies the tequila, these made me feel like I was a kid again. I had so much fun with this recipe."


White Sangria

"So fresh and delicious! I love the peach flavor! I filled with diet lemon-lime soda instead of lemonade to cut the calories and add a bit of fizz."


Tropical Fruit Punch

Nothing says tropical quite like this tangy fruit punch. It is perfect for big groups or individual servings.


Pina Colada

"This is a very good, potent Pina Colada. The taste is perfect—very tropical."


Frozen Mango Daiquiri

"What a wonderful daiquiri! Daiquiris are my favorite drink, and this recipe is delicious! So refreshing!"