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11 Things to Make with Cornbread Mix

Go beyond cornbread and muffins with that box of cornbread mix in your pantry. Make the most of it with one of these unique recipes for pizza, dumplings, onion rings and even meatloaf.

Corn Casserole

"My husband requests this recipe any time I ask, 'What should we have for a side dish?' I've also brought this to a few potlucks at work, and EVERYBODY asks for the recipe."


Cornbread Taco Bake

"This is a nice, easy casserole with lots of flavor. We especially enjoyed the addition of the french-fried onions. I made it a one-pan meal by using a cast-iron skillet for both browning the meat and baking."


Mexican Chicken & Dumpling Soup

"Very tasty! The dumplings were FANTASTIC! I served the soup with extra cilantro and lime slices."

-Teddy's Mommy

Cornbread Meatloaf

"This was a big hit at our house. The meatloaf had a bit of sweetness to it. The texture was great, and we're looking forward to sandwiches tomorrow!"

-Lori in NC

Cheesy Cornbread Pie

One part cornbread. One part beef. One part cheesy corn. All parts delicious.

Slow Cooker Spoon Bread

"This is excellent! It has such a fresh flavor with the green onions and red bell pepper. The spoon bread has a nice, crusty edge and is so moist and fluffy on the inside. What an easy recipe."


Cornbread Pancakes

"Tasty! My husband and I ate these with butter, maple syrup and a side of sausage links. They were very good — better than IHOP's!"


Johnny Jalapeno's Ride 'Em Cowboy Corncakes

"This is a great and fun recipe! I used just a tiny bit of syrup with the salsa and sour cream topping for the corncakes. You could serve these for breakfast, but for us they made a nice, hearty dinner."


Spicy Sweet Onion Rings

"These were very good! I doubled the chipotle chiles, which gave this a really nice kick."


Cornbread Taco Pizza

"This is a great way to use up leftover ground beef. I just baked the corn crust for about 14 minutes in a cast-iron skillet, layered on the salsa and cooked beef, sprinkled taco seasoning over the meat, piled on the cheese and let it bake another 25 minutes."

-Caroline Cooks

Chili Cheese Pie

"Mmm, this recipe is so good! It's hearty, filling and just plain delicious! The crust is soft and fluffy and goes great with the chili."