10 Favorite Dishes from 2Bleu

2Bleu, also known as Buddha and Bird, is a couple who dabbles in every cuisine, creating inventive and popular recipes. They also like to keep things healthy with their "Lite-Bleu" meals, all under 400 calories!

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Cream Pie

"Our Zaar friend gave us a recipe by the same name, which includes more than 30 ingredients and takes two days to make! We came up with this wonderful, quick and simple dessert in her honor."


Bird's Famous Macaroni and Cheese (Lite)

"This is a lighter version of Bird's Famous Macaroni and Cheese, prepared in a slow cooker."


Nimz's Creamy Chicken Spaghetti (Lite-Bleu)

"For this Lite-Bleu recipe, we omitted the olives and used reduced-fat ingredients."


Tuna Salad Meal (Lite-Bleu)

"Great dinner or lunch! Pretty, tasty, and filling. DH and I love these kind of meals. Thanks so much for the post."


Carrot Cake Muffins With Cheesecake Filling (Lite)

"Wonderful! I made them in regular muffin tins, and it worked out great! Much simpler than making a whole carrot cake."

-Sam #3

Chicken Stir-Fry Dinner (Lite-Bleu)

"What a great idea: a lite dinner in one recipe. I'm thinking this would be a great way to use salmon, too!"


Loaded Up Sweet & Sour Chicken With Brown Rice (Lite-Bleu)

"This delicious recipe made up of fresh fruit and lots of vegetables makes three huge servings, yet has less than 400 calories and is a complete meal!"


Everything Mud Pie

"It's a banana split, sundae and chocolate cheesecake, all in one pie! Go ahead, indulge!"


Banana Nut Bread Trifle

"Leftover banana bread? Other than frying slices in a buttered pan, this is another great way to use 'em up."


White Lasagna (Lite-Bleu)

"Add some provolone between the layers for added 'Italian' flavor! If you use reduced-fat Alfredo sauce and low-carb pasta, this will fit into a Lite-Bleu menu."