From GiddyUpGo: 10 Dishes Around the World

Home cook and mother of four GiddyUpGo has taken on the impressive task of cooking one dish from every nation around the globe. From Abkhazia to Zimbabwe, she's giving us a geography lesson with every bite.

Mekitsi (Bulgaria)

"Mekitsi is a very un-American dessert because it is unsweetened (other than the powdered sugar) though we did enjoy it. It puffed up really nicely when fried and was kind of like a doughnut in texture."


Sesame Tuna (Bassas Da India)

"My kids are not big on fish. My husband and I are sushi fans, so the tuna appetizer was a really nice treat for us, albeit a bit salty. It was a low-stress meal that came out beautifully."


Kangaroo Burgers (Australia)

"Much of the food served in Australia is indistinguishable from American or European food, except for this one: kangaroo. Kangaroo is a very strong meat with a gamey flavor. Adding the tomato chutney was the best condiment, even the kids finished off their burgers."


Momo Dumplings (Bhutan)

"Almost every culture has some form of a dumpling and Bhutan's version has yak. The yak was sweet and mild, and although I could detect a little gaminess, it was probably just the uniqueness. If you don't care for yak, beef is an easy substitution."


Polar Roll (Bouvet Island)

Don't be scared! This recipe does not include polar bears, just crab meat. Similar to a California roll but with an apple.

Baked Apples With Honey (Belarus)

"The honey liquifies in the oven and gets absorbed into the apple's flesh, so the flavor is mild. And with the powdered sugar, there's just enough sweetness to make it a satisfying dessert. My whole family enjoyed this, and it's pretty healthy, as far as desserts go."


Conch Fritters (The Bahamas)

"I found conch in a little market near the ocean and didn't know what to do with it, so I made these. These were good, really different. The conch is kind of mild, so the fritters are as well. You have to make the dipping sauce! It's simple but pairs well with the fritters."


Adjika (Abkhazian)

"Abkhazia is a very small country near Georgia, and Adjika is a kind of condiment popular in several countries in that part of the world. Adjika can be used to flavor chicken or other dishes, or you could be creative and spread it on bread or sandwiches."


Mouf (British Indian Ocean Territory/Chagos)

"This is one of these recipes where you think to yourself, 'There's no way this is going to work,' but it does. There was something about the texture and the mild coconut flavor that made these really delicious. Kind of addictive!"


The South Pole's Favorite Beef Wellington

"This Beef Wellington is served every Christmas at McMurdo Station, Antarctica's largest community. My kids were more interested in the pastry than in the meat, but as far as I'm concerned, the beef was juicy and perfect!”