Chicago Flavors: 10 Windy City Favorites

Chicago will definitely be your kind of town after you chow down on one of these local favorites.

Chicago Italian Roast Beef Sandwich

"It was a chilly, windy October morning when we ventured from our downtown Chicago hotel to see the sites. We arrived at the Navy Pier cold, tired and hungry. Little did I know that the steaming hot roast beef sandwich I ordered from an Italian vendor there would be one of the tastiest lunches I had ever had."

-Gunslinger's Wife

Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza

"Superb! This recipe's versatility is equally matched with its deliciousness. For the last five minutes of baking, I took the pizza out briefly and coated the top in a thick layer of sauce, just like Giordano's or Gino's East in Chicago. It brings out my nostalgia for Chicago like no other recipe can."


Chicago Beer Burgers

"Dream burger! Beer and cheese make everything better -- no exception here."

-Brooke the Cook in WI

Marshall Field's Chicken Salad

"When I was small, my mom and I would go to on a shopping trip to Chicago twice a year, and we always ate lunch at one of the big department stores. I remember loving this chicken salad then (I thought putting grapes in the chicken salad was the funniest thing!) and I still love it now."


Ed's Chicago Cocoa Chili

"Excellent! As soon as I saw 'chocolate chili,' I said 'Chicago!' I have put cocoa in my chili for many years. I would like to try this cocoa chili spice mix on a few other things as well."


Bears' Style Sub

"Fantastic. You can''t go wrong with a sub made with Genoa salami, mortadella, capicola and provolone. I love it."


Chicago Chicken Casserole

"Absolutely incredible! This is so comforting I think I ate until I almost burst. It has moved right to the top of my favorite casserole list!"

-Michelle S

Coffee Cake Chicago

"FANTASTIC coffee cake recipe! The cake part was extremely moist and yummy -- not dry and full of big air holes like lots of coffee cakes (ick). I did double the streusel topping -- just because I'm sinful like that!"

-Susan Lee

Berghoff's Creamed Spinach

"I used to live in Chicago and used to order the turkey platter at the Berghoff just because the creamed spinach -- the best I have ever had -- came with it. This doesn't taste exactly like the Berghoff spinach, but it is really good. Very quick and easy to make too."


Chicago-Style Hots Dogs & Fries

"The famous Chicago-style hot dog was born when street cart vendors came onto the hard times of the Great Depression. Money was scarce, but business was booming for these entrepreneurs, who offered a delicious hot meal on a bun for only a nickel. They'd start with a Vienna beef hot dog, nestle it in a steamed poppy seed bun and cover it with a 'salad on top.'"