How to Make Butterbeer

Make this magical drink at home to treat all the witches and wizards in your life.

If you’re familiar with Harry Potter, you’ll know that Butterbeer is the beverage of choice for every witch and wizard this side of Hogwarts. Made with just a few simple ingredients, this delicious drink can be blended up as quick as a flick of your magic wand!

Here are the simple steps to making a frothy batch of Butterbeer.

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1 Add Vanilla Ice Cream to a Blender

For a single serving, you’ll start with approximately 1 cup of vanilla ice cream in the blender. Add additional ice cream for an extra-thick milkshake consistency.


2 Add Butterscotch Topping

To the ice cream, add a couple of generous spoonfuls of butterscotch ice cream topping.  This will add a delicious buttery, creamy flavor to your drink.

To add additional butter flavor, try adding a few drops of butter extract to the drink. To make a spiked version, add 1-2 oz of Butterscotch flavored liqueur to the ice cream mixture.

3 Add Cream Soda

Before blending, add about ½ cup of cold cream soda to the ice cream and butterscotch topping. Make sure the cream soda has been chilled to prevent it from melting the ice cream.

4 Blend and Pour

Blend the ice cream mixture until creamy. For an extra thick mixture, add additional ice cream. Pour into chilled glasses or mugs right away.

To keep your drinks frosty, chill your glasses or mugs before you begin. You can do this by running the mug under water, and placing in the freezer for 5-10 minutes.

5 Add Toppings

To complete the drink, add a generous amount of whipped cream and drizzle with additional butterscotch topping. Enjoy right away!

For a magical touch, consider topping your drink with gold edible glitter. This would add an amazing shimmer, perfect for a party or celebration.

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