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How to Eat Star Fruit

This tropical citrus fruit can be the (literal) star of your next dish.

I’d seen star fruit (known as carambola) in stores many times over the years, but I’d never had any recipes call for it. So in all my years of grocery shopping and cooking, I had no idea what on earth to do with a star fruit. I figured I couldn’t be alone, so I put together this post on how to prep, peel and eat star fruit. Now, I dare you to pass up the perfectly presentable fruit next time you’re out grocery shopping.
Star fruit is in the citrus family. It’s sweet, it’s juicy, it’s great in a smoothie and because of its naturally decorative shape, it’s often used as a garnish. I’ll share a few fun ways to incorporate star fruit into your cooking, but first let’s look at how to slice a star fruit and get that obstacle out of the way.

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Using a very sharp knife, carefully cut away the edges at the point of each star. You don’t want to remove the flesh of the fruit — just the rind. A ripe star fruit will mostly be a pretty golden orange. The edges you are cutting away could still be slightly green and that is ok. After you’ve cut away the edges, slice off the ends.



Using that same very sharp knife, carefully cut the peel away from each of the flat sides. The peel is thin, but it’s tough and star fruit tastes best when it’s removed.


Now that you’ve prepped the exterior of your star fruit, it’s ready for you to slice and eat. Mine were without seeds, but if you spot any, just gently remove them with your knife. Now your carambola is ready to enjoy, simply slice and eat.

But if you're looking to get a bit more creative with your star fruit, we've got just the thing for you.

4 Recipes & More offers several popular star fruit options, but the one always popping up in the top of searches is Star Fruit Upside Down Cake. Just like the buttery old fashioned recipe calling for sliced pineapple, this upside down cake has an even prettier top after you bake and flip. And if we are being completely honest here, don’t butter and brown sugar just instantly elevate most things?
You can also try your hand at Star Fruit Jam, guaranteed to make your biscuits even better.
This Thai Citrus Chicken Salad actually calls for oranges, but you can make this salad with both oranges and star fruit. The addition of star fruit will make your dish shine and add a welcome addition of tropical flavor.
Citrus Cole Slaw uses orange juice in the dressing. Why not garnish it with a sliced star fruit and mix a chopped star fruit right in? You’ll have a sweet slaw that will make people swoon.
If you’re a smoothie drinker, try replacing the pineapple pieces in this Pineapple Orange Smoothie with fresh sliced star fruit.

Now you can start buying star fruit without fear and find endless, fun new ways to cook with it.  

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