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How to Cut a Mango

Avoid a mangled mango mess with these easy tricks.

Conquering the mango is the ultimate challenge for a new cook. Between the awkwardly shaped pit and the stringy flesh that hangs on for dear life, it's hard to not end up with a mess. But a few strategic cuts is all it takes to make the beautiful mango cubes that your inner chef dreams of.

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1 Cut Mango Cheek

Begin by placing the mango on its narrow side and slicing off one of the rounded cheeks. Slice just off center to avoid the flat pit. 

The mango’s flesh gets more fibrous near the pit, so if you begin to feel resistance with the knife, you're too close to the center.

2 Score the Mango

Use a sharp paring knife to score a cross-hatch pattern into the mango’s flesh. Cut all the way down to, but not through, the skin.

3 Remove Flesh from Skin

Invert the scored mango to expose the cubes. If the mango is ripe enough, the cubes will easily peel off the skin. If a cleaner edge is desired, use a paring knife to slice them off at the base, near the skin. Cut the second cheek from the other side of the mango and repeat the process.

4 Cut Mango Sides

Take the center piece of mango — the piece you were about to throw away — and lay it on one of the flat sides. Use the paring knife to slice off about one inch of flesh from each side of the pit. 

The pit is shaped like a flattened almond, so keep that in mind as you cut around it.

5 Cut Mango Strips

Lay the two side strips flat and score horizontal lines into the flesh. Use the paring knife to filet the scored cubes off of the strips of skin.

6 Enjoy

And that's how quick and easy it is to make mango cubes for your smoothies, salads, or snacks. If you are extra ambitious, nibble on the fleshy pit to make sure none of the juicy mango goes to waste.

Want more? Watch this video for more mango tips and tricks. 

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