Culture Your Own Yogurt with this Keurig-Like Machine

The Yomee turns milk into yogurt in 6 hours flat.

By Ethan L. Johns
October 11, 2017

Image: Lecker Labs/Kickstarter

It seems like everybody with a new food gizmo these days is claiming to be the Keurig of this or the Keurig of that. As the world saw with the seemingly parabolic tale of Silicon Valley naïveté that was Juicero, not all of these products deserve to exist. The Yomee, to the contrary, most definitely seems to be worth its salt.

Anyone who has tried to make their own yogurt knows that there is a certain amount of effort required. Timing, heating, straining… The Yomee is a “smart” yogurt maker—currently being funded on Kickstarter—that purportedly removes all of this from the equation. Just pour your milk in the container, pop in a dissolvable, waste-free pod full of bacteria cultures and select the type of yogurt you’d like using the Yomee mobile app. Six hours later, the yogurt is ready.

The machine works by first boiling the milk (or milk substitute; vegan pods are available for vegan yogurt making) and then stirring it for 15 minutes. The machine then cools the milk to 115 degrees Fahrenheit before incorporating the bacterial cultures. The milk is held at this temperature for six hours as the yogurt magic happens. Started it before bed and need a couple extra hours of sleep before you’re ready to eat your yogurt in the morning? Once the yogurt is ready, the machine chills it down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, where it can stay for up to 48 hours. This is no fancy juice press, this is science, right on your kitchen counter!

Lecker Labs, the company behind the Yomee, has also designed a cup that you can use to take your yogurt on the go. Fill the top with fruit or granola, cover and combine when you’re ready.

The Yomee has, with 22 days left until the end of the fundraising session, already raised over three times its original goal of $28,000. Expected delivery for the first round of product will be in April 2018.

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