With New 'Walking Dead' Wines, the Labels Come Alive

Don’t let the augmented reality zombies bite you…

By Ethan L. Johns
January 17, 2018

Image: The Last Wine Company

Yeah, it’s a killer label. But what if it was more than just a label? What if, with augmented reality technology, that still-as-the-grave piece of paper could come alive? We’d say that sounds about right, since we’re talking zombies.

On Tuesday, a new brand called The Last Wine Company launched two red wines custom-made for the AMC smash television hit, The Walking Dead, which have something of an undead secret. Using a phone camera and the Living Wine Labels app (available in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store), wine drinkers can unlock the potential of the bottle’s label, which comes alive on the screen.

The Blood Red Blend bottle features Sheriff Rick Grimes, which, when activated, shows the lead character fighting off the zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead Cabernet Sauvignon label sparks a zombie attack, as the undead creatures break out and attack the user through their screen. When viewed together, the characters on the bottles fight one another.

If this technology sounds familiar to you, that’s probably because it‘s been done before with a wine brand called 19 Crimes. Each bottle of 19 Crimes wine features a different historical mugshot. When purchasers use the 19 Crimes app, the prisoners begin to explain their stories.

The Last Wine Company is a partnership between 19 Crimes owner Treasury Wine Estates—which also owns heavy-hitters like Penfolds Grange and Stags’ Leap—and Walking Dead production company Skybound Entertainment. Coming off the success of the 19 Crimes app (over 500,000 downloads), the company is currently working on experiences for its other brands.

Augmented reality is still new and novel and surprising for some, so we recommend that you drink responsibly and don’t go showing Grandma the app after she’s had a few. She might just think the zombie apocalypse is real.

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