Williams Sonoma Returns with New Harry Potter Cookware

Show off your Hogwarts allegiance with house-themed water bottles and chocolate wands.

By Ethan L. Johns
October 26, 2018

Image: Williams Sonoma

You might not have received your Hogwarts acceptance letter on your 11th birthday, but there’s still time to wake up this holiday season to find a wand in your stocking.

Luxury kitchenware company Williams Sonoma announced on Friday the release of several brand-new Harry Potter-themed tools and decorative objects, just in time for the start of the shopping season.

There’s something for every witch and wizard in your life. Be they in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin, you’ll be able to find an apron, spatula or cookie cutter to match.

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New this year are a set of water bottles, retailing for $29.95, so Potter-lovers can carry around their house affiliations while they stay hydrated. For those who would rather not be biased, a plain old Hogwarts is available. Yay school pride!

Pick up the fair-trade chocolate wands ($32.95) of your favorite character and practice some spells on your friends and family. Just play nice; remember that you don’t actually need to hurt one another for the Elder Wand to change its allegiance. Expelliarmus!

Williams Sonoma will also be offering the full selection of Honeydukes candies, including Gummy Frogs ($14.95), Acid Pops ($16.95), Cinnamon Balls ($16.95), Lemon Sherbets ($15.95) and Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans ($14.95). Stuff them all in a Hedwig Cookie Jar ($69.95), which makes for a classy way to show off your love of magic year-round.

And finally, if you’ve got some serious cash to blow, you can buy a luxury plush doll in the form of Hedwig ($324.95) or Buckbeak ($109.95), both made by hand by the reputable German toy animal makers at Steiff.

The Harry Potter Collection is available online and in Williams Sonoma stores nationwide.

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