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11 Wild & Crazy Ways to Put an Egg On Easter

According to Cool Hand Luke, “no one can eat 50 eggs.” But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try on Easter, the most egg-centric of all holidays. The good news is, nobody said half of those eggs can’t be made of chocolate. Commence egging your face with all the sweets and the savories starting now—we all know you can beat Luke’s record.

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Deviled Egg Chicks

AKA peak Pinterest game achieved. Sure hope no one dares to bring non-anthropomorphized deviled eggs to this Easter party. (So embarrassing for them.) Get the Recipe >>>


Baked Eggs in Bacon Wraps

Stop staring. What, you’ve never seen a superfood before? Superfood meaning anything wrapped in bacon and baked in a no-muss muffin tin. Get the Recipe >>>

Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs

Like peanut butter play dough wrapped in a chocolate trench coat—and if that doesn’t sound appealing then just remember: chocolate + peanut butter = forever & always, everlasting love. Get the Recipe >>>

Easter Egg Bread

For when you run out of places to hide Easter eggs and get a little lazy. Also known as a super-cute way to decorate this lemony glazed loaf-slash-instant-centerpiece. Get the Recipe >>>


Mini Frittatas

Baby’s first frittata? Light up your life with a muffin tin full of cheesy egg pockets, speckled with hammy nuggets and greens. That’s living large. Get the Recipe >>>

Chocolate Cream-Filled Easter Eggs

Don’t sleep on homemade cream eggs. They’re a chocolate-covered challenge worth taking and gleefully posting to Instagram after you’ve nailed it. See that killer cross-section action? Laters, Cadbury. Get the Recipe >>>

Pickled Eggs

Pickled eggs you make with your own two hands > pickled eggs made by a robot. Bonus points because it’s stupid easy to do yourself. Store-bought’s for bore-bots. Get the Recipe >>>


Easter Breakfast Casserole

Wake and bake: literally. By night, it’s just bread soaking in goo, but by the next day? A melty-meaty-egg-shroom extravaganza which unfurls like a giant banner yelling “YAAAAS.” Get the Recipe >>>

Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Easter Eggs

The OG Easter candy, at your service. Fair warning: from-scratch marshmallows will ruin you for all others at first bite, but it’s a risk your mouth must be willing to take. Get the Recipe >>>

Easy Egg Salad

Gather all ye olde hard-boileds around the table, it’s time to smash and sandwich. When the Easter morning egg rush has passed, toss those orbs into tomorrow’s extra-perky sandwich stuffing. Get the Recipe >>>


Cheesecake-Filled Chocolate Eggs

So you want to play in the big leagues? Roll out these chocolate shells stuffed with cheesecake filling and passionfruit “yolks” and charm the pants right off of your unprepared Easter guests. Get the Recipe >>>
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