When Spiders Attacked, One Woman Called the KFC Delivery Guy

Arachnophobia means it’s time for an order of popcorn chicken.

By Ethan L. Johns
June 05, 2018

Illustration: Shutterstock/Author

Delivery men are heroes. They brave the elements—through snow, rain, heat and gloom of night—to bring those mozzarella sticks we crave right to our front doors.

Sometimes, though, they go above and beyond their callings—like last week, for example, when an English student ordered $17 worth of KFC specifically so she could have a delivery man help her remove a spider from her apartment.

The arachnophobic Demi Sweeney, 22, spent an entire Thursday freaking out about a spider that was living in her university residence. Fearing that the spider would fall on her as she walked past, she confined herself to her room as she asked her friends to come help.

Realizing that she was on her own, she took to the food delivery app Deliveroo, where she placed an order with KFC.

“I ordered a fillet burger meal with popcorn chicken and Pepsi,” she explained to Metro. But it didn’t meet the £10 ($13.40) delivery minimum, so she added a cookie, which brought her over.

In the delivery instructions, she requested that the driver help her with the spider. Yet when he arrived, it turned out that they were both equally afraid of the eight-legged creature. Go figure.

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Eventually, she convinced him to get up on a chair with a roll of toilet paper, and he managed to knock it to the ground and then “got rid of it.” The brave man kept his moto helmet on for safety.

“Joe,” she wrote later on Twitter, referencing the delivery man, “you are an actual LIFESAVER.”

We hope that Joe was well-tipped.

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