Hungry? Grab 1 of 3 Limited Edition Snickers Bars

Candy bar brand seeks to return you to your normal, non-hangry self.

By Ethan L. Johns
October 18, 2017

Image: Mars, Inc

Are you feeling particularly wimpy today? Perhaps a bit irritable or indecisive? Well, it seems as though Snickers has come up with the solution for you: brand-new snacks!

Joining the “Hunger Bar” ad campaign—where the candy helps hungry people stop being such divas, literally—these three new bars (with flavor-infused nougat) target those in specific hunger-related plights. For the irritable ones, Snickers offers an espresso-flavored bar. For the wimpy kids, there’s a hot pepper-flavored one. And for the indecisive folks who can’t decide between salty and sweet, there’s salted caramel.

When your body starts to get hungry, it goes into fight-or-flight mode, according to an article on The Conversation. This is because all of the nutrients from your last meal have been metabolized and used for energy. Once the tank is running low, many people experience difficulty concentrating, grumpiness and feeling short-tempered. Hello Mr. Hangry!

The best way to deal with “hanger” is to have a bite to eat. However, according to the same article, “While you may hanker for quick-fix foods, such as chocolate and potato chips, [...] ultimately, they may leave you feeling hangrier. So think nutrient-rich, natural foods that help satisfy hunger for as long as possible.”

One can easily appreciate the irony of the new candy bars’ June 2018 release date. Hungry? Wait another 8 months and then you can grab a Snickers!

Until then, you can make your own Snickers bars. Or just eat a banana!

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