This Spanish CBD Wine is Lean, Green & Available Online

If the Wizard of Oz had a house wine, this would be it.

By Ethan L. Johns
December 06, 2018

Image: Winabis

While cannabis-infused wine has been popping up more frequently in the U.S. due to relaxing policies around the drug, it is often seen being sold in a somewhat traditional-looking format. In Spain, however, wines have lately been turned on their heads.

Now, a company called Winabis is introducing an emerald-green wine made with marijuana, and while it does contain alcohol, it still won’t get you high.

That’s because the green-colored wine is made with cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. CBD has been at the center of a wellness trend over the past couple years, as more people use it to treat everything from anxiety to arthritis.

Winabis claims that its product is “totally legal” and “naughty, but within the limits of the accepted.” It contains 9.5 percent alcohol by volume and boasts a palate of “various grapes and succulent juicy peach.”

It can be purchased by the bottle ($19.30) or in packs of three ($51.22) for shipment within Europe.

While Spain allows private growing and consumption of cannabis, public consumption and sales can lead to steep penalties and fines.

Colored wines have recently run into problems in Spain. In 2017, Gik, the startup behind a blue wine made with natural dyes, faced fines from the government, which said that only red and white wines could be sold in the country. It is unclear whether Winabis will end up facing similar issues.

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