This $5 KFC Costume Will Make You a Chick(En) Magnet

Add this to your bucket list.

By Hannah Petertil
October 13, 2017

Image: KFC

It’s going to be Halloween in only 18 days, and that means your costume indecision needs to be resolved STAT. While that fact may have just sent beads of cold sweat cascading down your forehead, there is one costume you can still pull off: Colonel Sanders.


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Image: KFC

That’s right, KFC has made use of their brand new merch store by introducing a vintage-inspired mask and bib set guaranteed to turn any old Tuesday outfit into a terrifying costume, perfect for hours of binge-watching Hocus Pocus, trick-or-treating or all-night scare-a-thons.

The best part? This 2-piece combo is only $5. Yup, the same prices as their famed $5 Fill Up. Just be sure to order it ASAP because this limited-edition costume is already on the brink of unavailable. But, that’s good news, you wouldn’t want to wait until the last minute anyways — the last day for guaranteed Halloween arrival is October 23. That, and you need to start coordinating with your friends.

Image: KFC

Even if your Halloween costume has long since been decided, you should still go to your local KFC starting Friday, October 27 for a special surprise. Just show up in costume to receive one of their custom Halloween chicken buckets. These plastic buckets feature a durable handle (perfect for candy), and one of nine dressed-up Colonels. Will you end up with the mummy, astronaut, cat, firefighter, pirate, cowboy, werewolf, robot or vampire? Either way, you just got a little extra inspiration.

Now go and buy the easiest (cheapest!) Halloween costume out there. And pick me up some Extra Crispy™ Chicken Tenders while you’re at it.

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