Thin Mints Snacks Made with Chickpeas to Hit Shelves Soon

The Girl Scout classic gets a crunchy, gluten-free makeover.

By Ethan L. Johns
April 18, 2018

Image: Biena Snacks

Anybody who loves a good Girl Scout cookie knows what it’s like to open up a new box and tell themself that they’ll only eat a couple. A sleeve of Thin Mints later, the guilt kicks in.

Worry not, ye concerned snackers; snack maker Biena is swooping in to take your favorite minty chocolate cookie and healthify it. Girl Scouts Thin Mints Chickpea Snacks are the company’s newest product, meant to provide you with a tasty, crunchy alternative with nutrition.

The Thin Mints Chickpea Snacks feature the company’s signature salty roasted chickpeas, coated in a minty dark chocolate. Sounds pretty darn tasty. The real test, though, will be how they hold up straight from the freezer.

While a sleeve of Thin Mint cookies contains 640 calories in total, the Thin Mints chickpeas contain 130 calories per serving, or 390 calories if you decide you want to down the whole thing in one go. Feverish snackers can also assuage their guilt with the fact that the enrobed chickpeas are vegetarian, gluten-free and made with Fair Trade chocolate.

"There are few things Americans anticipate more than Girl Scout Cookie season, so we are very excited to offer a Chickpea Snack inspired by the classic flavor of Thin Mints cookies," said Biena founder and CEO Poorvi Patodia. "We've combined Biena's good-for-you Chickpea Snacks with the timeless taste of Thin Mints cookies, all for 130 calories and 4 grams of protein and fiber."

The snack was born after Biena, which makes roasted chickpea snacks flavored like your favorite potato chips, released a line of chocolate-covered chickpeas last year, according to the Washington Post. Their mint-flavored snack tasted an awful lot like Thin Mints, so they decided to partner with the Girl Scouts of the USA to turn them into a licensed product.

The Thin Mints Chickpea Snacks will be available for purchase at Whole Foods supermarkets beginning in June. After that, they will move to other stores beginning in September. The retail price is set at $4.49 for a 3.15-ounce pack.

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