The First Ever Pixar Fest Will Be Serving Character-Inspired Eats

Get a sneak peek at these fantastic food options.

By Hannah Petertil
April 11, 2018

All Images: Disney

We all cried watching Up — don’t lie, I see your tears — which is why we are so excited by the latest news around Pixar Fest. That’s right, this is the first of its kind, a full-blown festival paying tribute to beloved Pixar films like Coco, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Ratatouille and Up just to name a few. The festivities, because boy are there lots, start on April 13th and last until September 3rd. During this time, there will be a new fireworks show and two parades loaded with Pixar-related surprises, not to mention that the whole park will be getting a serious Pixar makeover.  

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The reason we’re extra thrilled though? This means that Disneyland Resort will be launching not one but TONS of new food options. And they make the best food. We’re talking tasty treats inspired by our favorite movies (because don’t even pretend that you haven’t watched Finding Nemo at least 100 times). Hope you’re excited because these offerings will be available for everyone visiting Disney’s Anaheim park.

Here is what you can expect:

Start with a celebratory layer cake featuring the well-known Pixar ball, sold at Plaza Inn at Disneyland Park and Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta at Disney California Adventure Park.

An over-the-top (in the best possible way) berry funnel cake, hidden away at the Golden Horseshoe.

A root beer float served in a souvenir (aka you can keep this adorable thing!) boot that looks just like Woody’s. Also sold at the Golden Horseshoe.

This epic strawberry fried dough masterpiece sold at Hungry Bear Restaurant.

Strawberry churros — because pure bliss does exist. These are sold in Tomorrowland (more like I want some in today land).

Pesto Pasta because even cartoons need to eat their veg. This is sold in Tomorrowland as well.

Instead of getting an alien out of a claw machine, eat one in macaron form when visiting Tomorrowland.



Don’t worry, you can even eat some shrimp Ratatouille. #bless Find this dish at Cafe Orleans.

Finish off your ‘touille (new name, I’m hip) with an epic cheese plate.

Eat a fried bologna sandwich at the Carnation Cafe.

Or relive your childhood with this adorable pork chop TV dinner, also found at Carnation Cafe.

Last, but far from least, finish up Pixar Fest with 1-100 of these cocoa churros from Frontierland.

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