The 'B' in IHOP's Name-Change Gimmick Stands for Burgers

For a limited time, the chain’s seven new burgers will come with unlimited fries.

By Ethan L. Johns
June 11, 2018

Image: IHOP

You might have heard last week that IHOP was planning on changing its name to “IHOb.” Why? They weren’t quite ready to tell us.

A week after the International House of Pancakes left the world with what may be the biggest cliffhanger in breakfast history, it returned on Monday morning to answer the question that has been on everybody’s mind: what the hell does that “b” stand for?

Burgers, friends.

IHOP announced on Monday morning that it was temporarily replacing its logo with “IHOb” to celebrate the release of seven “Ultimate Steakburgers” (a.k.a. hamburgers), which will be available nationwide beginning today.

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Among the new IHOP burgers is the “Big Brunch,” a sandwich heaped with bacon, eggs and crispy breakfast potatoes. Burger seekers will also find the “Cowboy BBQ,” the “Jalapeño Kick” and the “Mega Monster,” which features two patties, two cheeses and a whole salad’s worth of deluxe toppings. The burgers come with unlimited fries.

The name change is, of course, temporary—a marketing gimmick to create buzz about the new brunch, lunch and dinner options. Dang, we fell for it! (We didn’t really fall for it. One does not simply throw away 60 years of brand recognition for some ground beef. And let’s be honest, “IHOb” is just an atrocity to the ear.)

While the majority of Genius Kitchen followers guessed on social media that the “b” would stand for “breakfast,” some came up with more amusing guesses, including benzodiazepine and Battlestar Galactica. Two smart cookies guessed correctly that it would stand for “burgers.”

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