The 10 Healthiest Foods Ever (And How to Use Them)

If following the newest health trends gives you information overload (we’re looking at you, brusselkale and bone broth!), allow us to simplify. A new report ranks the healthiest foods of all time, saving you the trouble of pouring over labels and lists. Try these 10 healthy heroes and your body will be thanking you for years to come. Spoiler alert: There’s fruit and lots of it. 

10. Tomatoes – Low-calorie and packed with lycopene, this fruit (not vegetable!) will help fight off cancer and protect your cells’ DNA. Recipe: Fresh Tomato Gazpacho

9. Avocado – Packing almost 20 vitamins and mineral, this super-healthy food can reduce your risk of heart disease and help you get fit quick. Recipe: Avocado Stuffed with Shrimp

8. Tangerines – This little fruit is big in antioxidants and is packed with fiber, which helps reduce your risk of disease and support weight management. Recipe: Spinach and Tangerine Salad 

7. Grapefruit – Weight loss, better digestion, increased energy, clearer skin, and lower risk of cancer are just some of the benefits of this tart superfruit. Recipe: Fabulous Broiled Breakfast Grapefruit

6. Blueberries – Trying to boost your brain power? These small-but-powerful berries help to improve memory and cognition, along with a variety of other health benefits. Recipe: Blueberry Smoothie

5. Pomegranates – Possibly lower your risk of cancer and get 50 percent of your day’s vitamin C with this low-cal and colorful powerhouse. Tip: How to Eat a Pomegranate

4. Kiwi – Beneath its fuzzy exterior, the kiwi contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals including fiber, potassium and more vitamin C than an orange. Recipe: Kiwi Salsa

3. Oranges – Give your immune system a powerful kick with this zesty fruit that protects your cells and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Recipe: Cinnamon Oranges

2. Raspberries – If you’re looking to prevent obesity, fight age, and boost your heart health, look no further than these sweet berries. Recipe: Raspberry Balsamic Chicken

1. Bananas – This sunny powerhouse—which is actually classified as an herb, not a fruit—is the king of healthy foods, acting as a prebiotic and boosting the brain chemicals that fight depression, making bananas the happiest and healthiest food around. Recipe: Banana Oat Muffins 

And for an extra health boost, try these 16 superfoods with surprising benefits for your body.

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