Show Me Your Breakfast Birthday Suit: Taco Bell to Debut Naked Egg Taco

By Ethan L. Johns
August 15, 2017

Published on August 15, 2017

If you’re the kind of person who believes strongly that the best way to eat a slice of pizza is folded the other way (so that the cheese and tangy tomato tickle your taste buds first), you’re about to have your mind blown by Taco Bell’s newest creation.

Hop on the inside-out train; beginning August 31st you’ll be able to grab the “Naked Egg Taco,” a breakfast taco that wears its heart on its sleeve. Rather than the boring old flatbread of the standard Taco Bell taco, this nude sandwich will have a shell that has been fashioned out of fried eggs. Yes, a fried egg shell—quite possibly the most revolutionary concept since the American Revolution. It was fought for the freedom to create taco shells out of eggs, after all.

This oddity will be available on its own for $1.99 or for $3.99 in an epic combo pack that includes coffee and Cinnabons (or hashbrowns), making for a balanced breakfast of champions. If you don’t like the idea of eating a naked fried egg with your hands, you can protect its dignity by ordering it with a supplementary flatbread blanket.

Image: Taco Bell

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