Starbucks’ New Cold Foam Coffee Is Like Porter For Breakfast

Three new ice-cold drinks land in coffee shops just in time for peak spring.

By Ethan L. Johns
April 17, 2018

Image: Starbucks

Winter has been so long on the East Coast that it has followed us into spring. Yet, after the most recent Tempest, forecasts seem to finally be calling for sunshine and a bit of a temperature increase. Time to celebrate with a cold, roasted beverage with a gorgeous, foamy head on it.

No, we don’t mean a Guinness; you can save that for later in the day. On Tuesday morning, Starbucks released a new “Cold Foam” beverage topper that adds a sweet and creamy foam to your favorite iced coffee beverages. The release of this permanent menu item is accompanied by three new beverage suggestions, so customers can easily get their days started with a coffee moustache.

The first option is simply an addition of the foam to cold brew coffee. The Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew (pictured above) features Starbucks’ slow-steeped cold coffee, sweetened with a bit of vanilla syrup. The cold brew is topped with cold foam, which is flavored with cascara, or coffee berry tea. A crystalline cascara topping adds sweetness to round the whole thing out.

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The Cold Foam Blonde Iced Cappuccino is made just like your morning blonde espresso cappuccino, only instead of milk foam, you get the cold foam. Espresso is poured over ice before getting a splash of milk and then the creamy new addition gets frothed on top.

For fans of Starbucks’ “Nitro” cold brew (made with nitrogen and poured from a tap for maximal fizz), there’s the Cold Foam Cascara Nitro Cold Brew, which adds the sweet brown sugar and maple flavors of cascara cold foam to the bubbly beverage. This one will only be available where you would normally find Nitro (you can find a store near you using Starbucks’ store locator with the “Nitro Cold Brew” filter selected).

While the GK editors love us a good unicorn frapp, this cold foam is something that we enjoyed, and would add to a cold spring beverage. The cold foam is available now nationwide, and can be added to any cold coffee beverage for 50 cents.

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