Starbucks Decks the Halls with a Limited Christmas Tree Frappuccino

A fleeting holiday gimmick to match the pine tree in your living room.

By Ethan L. Johns
December 07, 2017

Image: Starbucks

O tannenbaum… How lovely are your cranberry ornaments!

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’ve noticed, bravo! You have eyes! In case you hadn’t, Starbucks is making it just a little more obvious with their latest, Christmas-themed beverage.

Because the holiday season is the time to get caught outside without gloves on as the winds whip down the avenues, the Christmas Tree Frappuccino is an icy-cold blended drink that burns so good in your frostbitten hands. It’s meant to look uncannily like a holiday pine, with its green matcha whipped cream on top of a brown peppermint mocha frappuccino (that’s one big tree trunk!). The whipped cream tree is decorated with caramel sauce garlands and bulbs made of candied cranberries. To top it all off, the star on top is replaced with a flashy red strawberry.

But it doesn’t come in a red cup! They must not really be committed to the joy of Christmas, right?

No, ya’ dingus; none of Starbucks’ cold beverages come in colored cups. If you want one of those, just order a good old regular cup of coffee.

Plus, the spirit of the holidays is all about giving. So grab an ice-cold frap for every member of the family and go chop down a pine tree together. Make sure to wear gloves to avoid extra-cold hands, and bring a knitted cap for the roof of your mouth, because your brain might just freeze. Or, if you want something a little warmer, you can always stick with their hot holiday brews, or a nice caliente cocoa.

Or, if you really loathe the taste of hyped-up gimmicks and just want to appreciate the marketing, feel free to enjoy the above Starbucks GIF. It’s cute and it won’t cost you a dime.

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