Sour Patch Go-Gurt: Childhood Goodies, United At Last

How much sugar can YOU cram into your breakfast?

By Ethan L. Johns
January 19, 2018

Image: General Mills

Yogurt in a tube… Was it breakfast? A snack? Dessert? All of the above? The lines are about to get even more blurred, as the portable dairy product of the early-aughts gets a dash of sweet-and-sour sugar.

On Thursday, General Mills announced a sweet new product mash-up between Yoplait’s Go-Gurt and General Mills’ Sour Patch Kids candy—a first for the portable, freeze-able yogurt brand.

The Sour Patch Go-Gurts will be available in mixed boxes featuring two different candy flavors: “redberry” and blue raspberry. If they’re anything like the movie theater snacks, they should start out tart and sour, finish sweet and then leave you unable to taste food and feel your tongue for the rest of the week. Sour Patch Go-Gurts will be popping up on shelves in January in boxes of eight or twelve.

In a press release, General Mills described the collaboration as fun and “on-trend,” explaining that both adults and children are interested in eating sour foods.

"As a brand, we are always looking for new ways to create more fun for families," said Tsubasa Tanaka, Business Unit Director, Yogurt, General Mills. "With this collaboration, we're bringing together two beloved brands known for their ability to instigate fun—Go-Gurt and Sour Patch Kids—to create an incredible snack experience."

Sweet and sour candy yogurt; we’ll nestle this one in the dessert category. Try freezing them for that ice pop vibe, like the 90s babies did when they were kids. Or, if you prefer it creamy, we know the perfect topping! Squeeze a tube into a bowl and sprinkle with—what else—extra Sour Patch Kids.

Are you puckering yet?

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