Snack Food Mash-Up Recipes

These mash-up recipes from take your favorite nosh from the snack bowl to the main event at the dinner table.

Why spoil your appetite before dinner when you can serve up snacks as the main course? These 9 mash-up recipes take your favorite nosh from the snack bowl to the main event at the dinner table.

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Fritos: Chili Salad

Veil your favorite corn chip with the illusion of health that comes with a salad. The spicy flare of the chili topping unites with the Frito underbelly in perfect Tex-Mex harmony. Get the recipe >>>


Pretzels: S’more Quesadillas

When the best of salty and sweet worlds collide, the result is a s’more like you’ve never had before. The crispy tortilla holds together the goodness that is gooey marshmallows, salty pretzels and creamy chocolate. Get the recipe >>>

Doritos: Taco Burgers

No burger topping can compete with this dreamy food-marriage. There’s just something about the crispy crunch of Nacho-flavored Dorito chips in combination with a juicy burger patty. Get the recipe >>>

Popcorn: Chocolate Biscotti

Praise the snack gods: This chocolaty masterpiece successfully combines your favorite movie treat with a classic breakfast cookie. Get the recipe >>>


Pork Rinds: Crackling Cornbread

This meaty snack will add the perfect amount of saltiness to your cornbread. The pork rinds also bring out the moisture of the bread, so make sure to bake enough for second helpings. Get the recipe >>>

Ritz: Mini Quiches

Breakfast just got an upgrade thanks to these mini-quiches. The molten cheddar harmoniously melds the fluffy eggs with everyone’s favorite cracker: Ritz. Get the recipe >>>

Goldfish: Broccoli Casserole

Broccoli will never damper your snack-vibe again thanks to this casserole recipe. The Goldfish cracker-topping browns in the oven and creates a crispy layer at the top of the dish. Get the recipe >>>


Triscuits: Pear & Gouda Melts

Sliced pears, smoky Gouda and ten minutes is all it takes to transform boxed-crackers into an elegant appetizer. Get the recipe >>>

Potato Chips: Mini Tuna Melts

Rejoice: It is finally acceptable to eat potato chips with cheese. Land meets sea as you bite through the potato chip-encrusted exterior, and into the cheesy tuna filling. Get the recipe >>>

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