Samuel Adams Celebrates NY's Legalization of Beer Ice Cream with Sandwiches

The collaboration with Melt Bakery features peanut butter cookies and a craft brew.

By Ethan L. Johns
July 25, 2018

Image: Samuel Adams

It was a prohibition so unbelievable, so distasteful, that beer lovers had to fight back.

Earlier this month, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation into law permitting the sale of alcoholic ice cream churned with beer and cider. For Samuel Adams, it was the perfect culinary opportunity to show off its new brew, Sam ‘76.

New York City-based Melt Bakery used the hopped-up lager to create one of its signature ice cream sandwiches, called “The ‘76er” (just in time for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, which is apparently a thing).

To make the sandwich, ice cream is infused with the Sam ‘76 lager, then churned and frozen before being stuffed in between two freshly-baked peanut butter cookies. While all the great beer flavor remains, the alcohol is evaporated off during the cooking process, so the sandwich won’t get you tipsy.

The sandwich will be available at Melt Bakery’s shop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan until August 2nd.

In 2008, New York ice cream makers were given the right to create ice creams flavored with wine. The new law merely adds beer and cider to the list of alcoholic beverages that can be used as an ingredient.

Ice creams made with wine, beer or cider must not contain more than five percent alcohol by volume, and must not be sold to individuals under 21 years old. So getcha IDs out, frozen dairy lovers.

Sen. James Seward, sponsor of the bill, says that the update will benefit two of New York’s major agricultural industries, cow dairies and craft beverages, according to the Associated Press.

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