Ryan Reynolds Is Now Proud Owner of Aviation Gin

Flyin’ high with all the gin on the rocks he can stomach.

By Ethan L. Johns
February 22, 2018

Image: Davos Brands

When Ryan Reynolds first tasted Aviation Gin, he says that he immediately knew it was “the best damn gin on the planet.” Fast forward one year to our present moment, and it seems that Reynolds has bought the company.

Well, more or less.

In a statement on Wednesday, Aviation Gin parent company Davos Brands announced that actor, producer and devilishly handsome man Ryan Reynolds had purchased an ownership interest in the brand, which was first distilled in Oregon in 2006. It produces a spirit that minimizes the flavor of juniper berries—an ingredient generally prominent in London gins.

Reynolds marked the occasion on Wednesday with a tweet, writing, “In the long and in no way disastrous marriage of showbiz and alcohol, so happy to announce I’m the proud owner of a gin company…”

With his investment, Reynolds will oversee Aviation’s creative direction and work with the brand on day-to-day tasks—a role seemingly similar to that of Matthew McConaughey at Wild Turkey. Reynolds joins the ranks of other celebrity liquor hawkers—like George Clooney (tequila), Drake (whiskey) and Jay-Z (cognac and champagne)—who have discovered the beauty of a little liquid side hustle.

From what we can see so far, Aviation’s marketing will take on a light-hearted, silly character that matches Reynold’s on screen persona. In a press release, the brand directed inquiries to Ryan@aviationgin.com—an address which immediately returned the following canned response, written by Reynolds:

“Thank you for your email and interest in Aviation American Gin! I’m away from my desk at the moment but will respond the moment they give me a desk.”

He continued:

“My responsibilities here at the company are vast. I’ll spend my days being photographed intermittently clinching [sic] my jaw muscles while pointing at things and nodding. I’ll drink Aviation Gin. I’ll sit in board meetings, imagining my very own Red Wedding.

“I don’t know whose idea it was to allow me into the gin business, but I can assure you, there are smarter, more reasonable people in charge.”

To make it all official, the email is signed, “Ryan Reynolds, Owner.” That probably felt good—good enough to celebrate with Reynold’s drink of choice: an Aviation on the rocks.

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