Rice Krispies Treats Are About to Get Even Treat-ier

Try coating them in chocolate, why don’tcha?

By Ethan L. Johns
December 11, 2018

Image: Kellogg’s

If you thought regular Rice Krispies Treats were enough to give your teeth the sugar shivers, just wait until you tear into a pack of the latest release from Kellogg’s.

The new “Snap Crackle Poppers” are little, perfectly bite-sized, marshmallowy Rice Krispies Treats that have been dipped in various creamy toppings, including vanilla, chocolate and cookies n’ cream.

Kellogg’s sent a sampling over to Genius Kitchen so we could tell you, good people, whether you should spend your hard-earned dollars on them.

We started out with the vanilla-coated Krispies, operating under the assumption that vanilla is the base flavor of all goodness in the world. Turns out we were right; with a flavor reminiscent of Lip Smacker Vanilla Frosting lip balm, we decided we would eat these little dice-sized bites “here, there and everywhere.” They really represented that classic Rice Krispies Treats flavor, and the sweetness, we thought, would be well-suited for a salty bowl of popcorn.

Moving on, we tackled the dark opposite of vanilla: chocolate. Unfortunately, this was our least fave. The choc-to-mallow ratio was skewed toward the choc, and they would have matched well with some nuts to make a trail mix-friendly snack.

Finally, we gave the “Cookies n’ Crème” a shot, which, oddly enough, smelled like buttered popcorn. It didn’t taste so much like a cookie, but it was very sweet, and we felt comfortable ranking this as our second favorite.

The new Rice Krispies bites were released along with two other Kellogg’s-owned snacks: Cheez-It “Snap’d,” which are lighter and crispier than their classic cousins, and Pringles “Wavy,” which are ridged and come in grilling-inspired varieties like “Fire-Roasted Jalapeño” and “Applewood-Smoked Cheddar.”

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“Snacking culture continues to evolve and is an industry ripe with innovation and momentum,” said Yuvraj Arora, the senior vice president of U.S. snacks for Kellogg’s. “Each of these snacks are munchable, flavorful, shareable, and perfect for everything from family game night to a relaxing evening of streaming your favorite TV show.”

All of the snacks will be available beginning January 2019.

So next time you’re planning to binge on the network of flicks, don’t waste time making your own Rice Krispies Treats; these ones come in a bag.

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